1. Thanks for the review. They are sold out in both stores tho.

    1. Author

      Yeah the Chinese new year is kind of messing up vendor inventory. Things should return to normal soon.

  2. Bought the Stone instead of the Stardust when they were introduced and was sorry I did due to poor wicking until I learned how conveniently it could be used like a drip atty. I tip it upside down, loosen the cap till I see bubbles. At the point of almost gurgling it vapes very nicely . It's quite different from my other favorites but I keep returning to it. One surprise has been that it has the best vapor and taste in the 3 to 3.3v range,


    1. Author

      I got both. Unfortunately my stone leaked and flooded constantly. I saw a few others had the same problem. Since version 2 just came out I ordered one and will wait to review that one.

  3. I bought a couple of these last week. I'm really pleased with it. Good flavor after the first funky couple of hits, even though I burned it off. At the right price I'll order more.

  4. Great review. I just got one of these and your article explained a lot.

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