Fighting Press Releases with Press Releases

As you might imagine, I see a lot of press releases in the course of putting together these little e-cigarette news missives for you.  And to be honest, there’s a lot of questionable releases from questionable places on the internet trying to spread the word (there’s also much cooler ones that call out awesome reviews).  It turns out in the case of the former type of press releases, a legitimate e-cigarette company was caught in the crossfire.  Some third-party made incorrect claims about Green Smoke, forcing the company to publish its own release to counter the claims.

e-cigarette news greensmoke“We’re extremely disappointed with this incident,” says Robert Levitz, Green Smoke’s CEO. “This was an unauthorized statement, and does not represent our company’s position. Our Loyalty Program was put in place last year to reward customers who buy from us, and to give them a chance to earn free products. The program is in no way linked to this study, particularly considering that it was launched well before this study even took place.”

To be honest, I’ve seen a number of press releases lately that give me pause.  For every one useful press release I find there are at least a dozen more that offer no real news value to anybody.

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  1. It's really sad that companies publish complete self-promoting releases. It does no service to the media, and in fact hurts those companies that publish information beneficial to readers.

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