1. You didn't show your photos of the insides of the cartomizer and type of battery inside the device. Inside this device, did it resemble something like the basic 510 type e-cig and did it use felt padding for the liquid or a fluid container? I'm always curious to see the insides and how they're put together too, is why I ask.

    1. Author

      Normally, I upload all the pictures I take, including the ones I don't use to my Facebook page. I actually forgot to do that this time. But that has been corrected. You can see the album, including pictures of the one I tore apart here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.27790950

  2. Interesting photos, thanks. Looks like they did use a polyfill pad to hold the liquid. Battery must have been some standard non-rechargeable AAA style, destined to burn out quickly.

  3. I tried both the menthol and tobacco. Menthol is ok…..BUT the Tobacco is HORRIBLE!
    I dont even know what they call it Tobacco. Its as bland as it gets.

    1. Author

      I think that's the reason I like the tobacco. I'm not a huge fan of tobacco flavors, so I prefer them to be more understated. To me, a little weak is far better than a bad tobacco with a strong flavor. Goes to show how subjective flavor can be

  4. I purchased a fin disposable menthol gig and for $10.00 and the battery was dead within a hour. Went to the store that I purchased it from and was told that I would have to go back the next day when a manager would be there.So I purchased another one just to see what would happen and it did the same thing….Not too happy about this matter..Going try to return them both…

    1. Author

      An hour! wow that's not good. Even I got more than an hour out of mine and I vape beyond excessively :)

    2. Mine lasted about six hours last night with less than 8 drags every half hour to 45 minutes. Tried a different brand last week, and it lasted 5 days. Switching back to the other brand.

  5. any ideas on how many puffs you can get out of a rechargeable unit before it runs out of juice? i am talking about the nicotine pack, not the battery as i can always recharge it when necessary.

    1. Author

      I never really count. I've tried but end up losing track. It depends on the liquid capacity of the cartomizer and how long you puff. I'd say probably somewhere in the 100-200 range for 3-4 second puffs, but that is kind of a wild guess on my part.

  6. This product let me down.

  7. i just found 2 of the original finiti that are bigger than the new product. much better last longer. the new shorter ones even tho theyre cheaper are awful. ive got a drawerful that last less than 1/2 day, and walgreens actually get mad when you try to get money back or exchange them. frankly, i think walgreens have a hand in their production. theyre both located in deerfield ill.
    do we need a tribune investigation?

  8. I bought a fin recharge kit. I would say it work very good. The whole kit was 30.00. Easy and quick recharge. I would recommend the product to anyone.

  9. I tried a Blu e-cig last week for the first time. Took about 4 to 6 drags on it every half hour or so, and the thing lasted me five days doing that. Bought a Fin last night and puffed on it pretty much the same amount of times, maybe a few more drags because I was drinking Whiskey. The Fin crapped out on me this morning. Feel as though I got ripped off on the Fin.

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