Fin e-cig starter kit review title image

Fin Electronic Cigarette Kits – A Review

Fin Electronic Cigarettes Review

Fin e-cig starter kit review title image

Fin Electronic Cigarettes is the online offshoot of e-cigarette brand My Finiti. While the Fin packaging and branding is different, they are essentially the same as the older Finti brand found in many bricks and mortar locations.  This Fin Electronics Cigarettes review will take a look at the two starter kit offerings from Fin.

What’s in the box?

The Fin kits come in two speeds (each available in menthol or regular).  The Fin Rechargeable Starter Kit is a sort of bare-bones starter kit packaged in a slick clear plastic retail display.  The following is included in this kit.

  • 1 510 automatic battery with white LED
  • 1 306 style atomizer
  • 7 tobacco or menthol cartridges
  • 1 USB Charger

The Fin Lifestyle Rechargeable kit doubles everything in the starter kit (except the charger) and includes an AC to USB adapter.  The Lifestyle kit is also packaged in one of the nicest e-cigarette boxes I’ve ever seen.


Fin e-cig starter kit tin box imageI want to talk a little more about the box the Lifestyle e-Cigarette kit comes in. Maybe I’m really impressed, but I am in love with this box.  It is a tin box with rounded corners.  The cover of the box slides off to reveal two packs of cartomizers and the batteries.  The lid then hinges open to allow access to the rest of the kit.  Everything is packaged snugly in little foam cutouts.

On to the actual e-cigarette. This may be the first 306 style kit I’ve seen in the wild.  306’s are fully 510 compatible (the battery is your basic 510 auto variety).  The atomizer is where things depart from the 510 e-cigarette standard.  Instead of a tube with the heating coil and bridge tucked inside, 306 atomizers feature a very short tube with the heating coil very close to the top of the tube and the stainless steel mesh covered bridge fully exposed.

Unlike 510 cartridges, 306 cartridges are designed to slide over the atomizer and not fit into it.  In general this seems to offer better liquid to bridge transfer than the 510 models.

The cartridges house around .4ml of e-liquid inside a small chamber tucked into the cartridge.  Compared to many starter kits which use cartomizers that generally hold between .7 and 1ml of e-liquid.  This may be why the Fin kits include more cartridges than many other kits.

Cartridges also only come in two speeds, regular or menthol.  This includes nicotine strength.  You can have any strength you want as long as it’s 16mg/ml.

The battery comes in an off-white finish with a small FIN logo and a stripe at the base to designate whether the power source came from a regular or menthol kit. The battery LED is white and not orange or red.  This is purely a personal choice for me, but I dislike red or orange LEDs on e-cigarettes (especially if they look like cigarettes). Choice isn’t Fin’s strong suit, batteries are available only in automatic standard size with the white LED


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