1. Thanks I was really curious about this one. I think the price went down Today.

      1. Pleased to see your review of the Varistack. I've been vaping mine for a week and must say it has exceeded all expectations. It has been excellent for all my low demand vaporizers from 2.2 to 3ohm. After vaping with my Lavatube and VV Box Mods for months it's a real treat using this ergonomically correct fit for my hand, the ability to change voltage without changing my grip along with being small and light enough to carry in my shirt pocket make the Varistack a winner for my low demand vaping.


        1. Author

          I'm actually a little surprised you like it so much since it seemed like you have been on a quest to find something with at least a 4a switch

    1. Now if they'll get the Ego CTwist and Lavatube V1.5 to market with reduced prices all will be well. :)


  2. Author

    Yeah to be honest the triples were a novelty. They pretty much collected dust after I wrote that review. In fact, I rarely even mess with duals any more even though the ProVari is quite capable of handling them.

  3. I thought IMR batteries were safer chemistry and by definition, not protected. what are they suggesting you use with this device?

    1. Author

      The wording in their warning is a little weird. Basically, IMR or similar safe chemistry batteries are the only ones that will work. Regular protected batteries with the protection circuit will be too long to fit.

      1. True, My UF protecteds wouldn't fit. The flat top IMRs require a magnet between them and one on the top (+) to make contact on mine. On mine actual voltage to quite low on the low settings then get's pretty close starting at about 4.8v up thru 5.5v then slightly drifting low again above that. All no-load voltages… 3.3 = 2.99v, 3.8 = 3.53v, 4.2 = 4.0v, 4.6 = 4.5v, 4.8 = 4.76, 5.0 = 5.03v, 5.5 = 5.47v, 6.0 = 5.85. Frankly, I don't see any use for settings under 3.7v anyway. If you want 3.5v use your eGo ;-) Seems to run my 2.5ohm DCT at 5.4~5.5v w/o a problem.

  4. Steve, My brain just engaged! IF the output under load is holding anywhere near the settings I'm getting up a bit over 2A outa this thing! 2.5ohm DCT tank on cheap meter says 2.5ohm, VMaxx says it's 2.5ohm, good meter says it's 2.7ohm. I ran voltage up from 5.4v by .1 to 6.0v and it didn't complain and it felt a bit hotter on each step. Sorry, MV in-line meter doesn't like the PWM either so don't know actual loaded voltage but they vape about right. 5.8v setting with this DCT feels about the same as 5.7v on my 6A OKR or my VMax. That would put me at about 2.11A using 2.7 ohms!

    Almost forgot… Thanx for the great review.

  5. Does the CE5 rebuildanle cartomizer work this debice i keep on getting Lo message

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