1. Heya Steve. Glad we were able to talk. Just wanted to comment that there seems to be an issue with the Lea, which I have been able to reproduce on 2 units, so far. If you have the unit plugged in to the passthrough and manipulate the button it can get stuck in "on" mode, cooking the atomizer ad-infinitum. It seems that over-manipulation of the button breaks the programming and allows the unit to get stuck when trying to turn it "off" while on the passthrough. Innokin says the 12 second cutoff should kick in but I've shown that it can go much, MUCH longer.While I don't think this is an earth shattering issue, it's something I believe all Lea owners and potential Lea owners should be aware of. It's a potential hazard so I just want to make sure the community is informed and knows to be careful.Here's links to the videos.The original review, where the issue was discovered : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMlZUWs6wW8A follow up, prompted by comments made by Innokin : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02F44FPnNVQ

  2. Thanks for the update. I sat there watching your video, playing along at home. Fortunately, I wasn't able to replicate the issue, so it might not be across the board. I did have the opposite issue where it would turn off and wouldn't turn back on until USB was disconnected. Thanks for the heads up as users of this device should be aware there is a potential issue.

  3. Hey again, Steve. I got another Lea from Innokin, through one of the distributors and got a chance to test it and I am happy to report that the battery issue with the Lea appears to be fixed. They made some changes to the programming so that now, if you attempt to "turn off" the Lea while it's plugged in, it will disable the switch and shut down the battery.In my opinion, this is a WIN for vapers, everywhere. It's shown that the manufacturers are willing to listen to the community and make the appropriate changes to ensure their devices are safe.Here's the video update .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G54kIqy6n0ACheers!

  4. That's awesome news! Thanks for updating.

  5. Hi steve
    I havé a problem with my lea innokin 800 , it s leaking from the hole why ?????

  6. Any idea when they will release the infinity (not sure if that is the name) but it is square? i love the look of it!!!

  7. Sorry…I forgot to click notify me of replies on this question!! respond to this post..hopefully I can not activate my first comment. Any idea when they will release the infinity (not sure if that is the name) but it is square? i love the look of it!!!

    1. Author

      Yeah they wanted to be different and make it square I guess. I'm all for it because my stuff rolls off the table all the time :)

      Anyway, they should be out now if not within the next week or so. Check whitestagvapor.com and see if they're in stock. I should be getting my review sample today, but I won't have a review out for a couple of weeks since I'll be on vacation next week.

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