1. The reduced flavor is due to the SR nature of the atty. Joye has the same problem with the 't' and to a lesser extent with the 'c' as well. Moving to the LR version of the 't' atty and the 'c' takes care of the lack of flavor, and increases the heat as well. Its the one thing the drives me bugnuts about a lot of ego-t reviews….they JUST review the standard atty and not the LR versions.

    Good review as always Steve!

    1. Author

      Thanks Casey!

      The interesting thing on this is it's a fairly low resistance atomizer. It measured at around 2.5 ohm (rated at 2.8 I believe). Most of the other standard tanks come in at between 3 and 3.5, plus eGos output 3.2v as opposed to the 3.7 of the Innokin.

      So it explains why the performance is better, but I'm not sure what about tanks mute the flavor. I even ran the tank on a ProVari using a 510-510 adapter at 4+v which worked great for vapor production.

  2. 2.5 is high. The ego-t LR "b" is 1.8 > 2.0 ohm, and THAT is the biggest difference on flavor. I've been using the 't' for over 7 months now, and on this I knoweth of what I speaketh. Even GG when given a LR ego-t by VST admitted on video that flavor was hella better. For some reason the manufacturers of these tank systems think we vapors like it muted for some reason. -le'sigh.

    I drip with a LR306 via altsmoke alpha, and my ego-t LR B rig on a kgo gives me about 95% of the flavor I get with the 306 and that works fer me. :-)

    I'm not trying to defend or tout the ego-t by the by…its just that it has worked out to be the sweet spot for me, especially for driving a taxi for hours on end, and when I used the SR attys, I had the muting issues which annoyed me until I moved to the LR gear.

    1. Author

      Whatever works is the best e-cigarette as far as I'm concerned :)

      Out of curiosity since I know you're in a taxi all night… have you thought about using a carto tank or a juice feeder so you wouldn't need to mess with filling while on shift?

  3. lmao x 10. The REASON I use the ego-t LR is because MOST cartos I've used add their own unique taste, and most of em' need "topping off"….and tanks….there is a REASON I refer to em' as the "liqui-disast-inator". Been there wore that hat…and juice x 2.

    The ego-t is trouble free, needs no topping off, and doesn't fall apart at the worst possible moment. Plus 2ml of juice = an entire evening in the cab + 3 hours at home before refill time. As for juice feeders, none of the ones I've looked at appeal to me from a visual perspective. When in the cab, I want customers to go "ahhhhh" not…"are you smokin' dope?" :-D The exception would be the vmod…but my gear works great, so I'd rather have that money to spend on juice.

  4. I laughed on the last post…not at you…but at the memory of 3 ml of juice in my lap on two different occasions. At the time it was anything but laughter. Now…pretty damn funny. Good thing I wasn't with a passenger at the time. :-D

  5. Hay Steve, love the review but I have two questions for you. You say that the LeoPro has a 510 connection, but from what I can see from the pictures, the connection doesn't seem to have the standard air holes or air slots. Am I missing something? Also, have you tried using a 510 or 306 atty (the standard one with the bottom air hole or the dripping with the sealed bottom) on it yet?

    Thank you! =)

    1. Author

      It has two slots along the top which have channels that run all the way down to the bottom of the battery connector to allow airflow.

      I haven't tried any atomizers on it. To be honest I haven't used atomizers much at all lately. Regular Smoktech type cartos have no problem getting air flow, so I don't imagine atties would have any trouble either.

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