Kanger M3 review

Kanger M3 Clearomizer Review

Kanger M3 review

Kanger has a new M3 clearomizer kind of in line with the Vision style clearomizers that are popular these days. The visions styles tend to have one thing in common. They are large cartomizers. The Kanger M3 bucks that trend. It’s a standard sized cartomizer. Read on to find out if this might be a favorite or not.


Kanger’s new clearomizer doesn’t quite follow the Vision formula. For one, the taper isn’t quite as dramatic. It tapers near the very top of the clearomizer were fits its proprietary drip tip.

Kanger M3 Drip tipYes, I said proprietary drip tip. The 1 ml cartomizer does not use a standard drip tip, but then again neither do many of the vision cartomizers.  They use those screw in drip tips that only look like standard tips.

The tip on the M3 however, is fairly unique it’s essentially a clear plastic centerpiece with soft silicone caps on either end. This creates a good seal between the atomizer on top and the end of the cartomizer. The tip is reminiscent of the a revision two G4 cartomizers.

The head is somewhat unique and almost looks like a replaceable head. As far as I can tell it’s not (there’s not really a way to reach in there and unscrew it). The wick design is also a little bit different. It has three short wicks sticking out on either side of the head as opposed to a single stubby wick or the longer CE 2 style wicks.

one way it does match up with the current generation of cartomizers is the ubiquitous liquid measure lines on the side of the cartomizer. I still don’t know how I feel about the usefulness of these lines.


The Kanger M3 performs about as well as a typical Vision cartomizer. The version I tested weighed in around 2.0 ohm. Like similar devices its happy place was somewhere between 3.7 and 4.0 volts.

Kanger M3 cartomizer performanceIt could probably handle voltage is a little higher as well if I went a bit outside the voltage range before starting dry hits.

However, I did accidentally run it up to well over five volts and that was pretty unpleasant. It took awhile to clear the burnt taste out.

Vapor production was pretty much consistent some of the other Kanger gear like the T2. In other words, it had good vapor production and flavor reproduction was pretty decent.

I did not run into any leaking issues or anything like that. Most likely that funky drip tip deserves the credit.

Naturally, this being a fairly tiny clearomizer, frequent refills of the order of the day. Refilling isn’t too difficult straight out of the bottle though sometimes I found the liquid formed an air pocket around the atomizer head. If you opt to use a needle tip bottle or syringe instead, there shouldn’t be any issues with bubbles getting in the way.

If you prefer a smaller form factor than the larger cartomizers, this might not be a bad choice.

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Kanger has rolled out a whole family of clearomizers lightly. The M3 is sort of the baby of the family. It offers performance similar to the T2 but in a small 1 ml package. If you’re looking for a small clearomizer Edinger OK with kind of a funky drip tip this one might be worth looking into. You can find these at Vapor Alley.


  • No leaks
  • Decent performance
  • Compact size
  • Easy filling


  • Proprietary drip tip
  • Drip tip sometimes falls off in pocket
  • No replaceable heads


Product name: Kanger KR 510 M3 Clearomizer
Available from: Vapor Alley
Price: $2.89
Threading: 510
Resistance: 2.0 or 3.0 ohm

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes. I feature affiliate links for Vapor Alley.