1. The last thing i want to do is refill a carto 2-3 times a day. Good review, however these will probably not make it into my arsenal. :-)

    1. Author

      Yeah I prefer larger cartos myself, but this may be a good option for people who want a compact setup.

  2. A little off topic but have you heard anything about the "L-Rider Lavatube Epic Storm Lambo 4.0, 4.0amp" as to whether it is a true 4amp unit?

    I wrote CanVape to see if they had tested it but didn't get a response, guess that's a pretty good indication that it isn't. http://www.canvape.com/lavatube-lava-tube-l-rider


      1. That apparently answers my question though I saw no mention of the Epic Storm model, guessing it's a 2.5amp unit also. Appears about the only difference with V4 is the ability to read resistance.

        I know Young June has been misrepresenting their products for months but I'm a little surprised L-Rider is doing the same.


        1. Author

          Yeah, truth be told I gave up on following the LT variants, s I have no real idea which is which any more :) I figure I'll wait on Volcano's V2 and start all over again.

  3. Actually, I am liking these Kanger M3s. I vape at the most 2 ml daily, and when I'm out and about I like keeping a low profile with my stick batteries. I'm 72, and live in a small town in Florida and the last thing I want is to hear my ole cronies telling me I'm crazy! When I'm home I bring out my Vivi Novas and all my other interesting stuff.

    Good vapor, satisfying t/h and flavor is spot on (for me). The top does come off a bit too easily, but other than that, it's all good.

    1. Yes my friend, I also come to like it very much. Since I got it I can't do without it :) good performance, vapor is awesome and great TH on my eGo Twist at 3.4-3.6 volt.
      I use thick juice from Vermillion River and it's unfriendly to clearos, but this one rocks, no burnt taste or dry hits, just the amount of vapor and taste I like.


  4. We didn't care for the odd tips but like the smaller size so we figured out an easy mod. Take the bottom rubber stopper off the tip and shove it down over the air tube where it would normally sit if still attached to the original tip. Then use a metal cartomizer rubber replacement tip to fit over that stopper and seal it. Fits perfectly, doesn't fall off in your pocket, and has a shorter profile. After that mod we use these daily. We keep toothpicks in our refill kits to easily pry the clear mini rubber stopper out for refilling.

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