1. I picked up a 5 pack of clearomizers a couple weeks ago for use with my V2 batts and I love em! I'm gonna get into dual coils soon for my V2 set up, but for this holiday season, I'm checking into the best mods for the buck and I appreciate the recommendations you gave me via Twitter. Keep up the great, informative writing (reviews, news on proposed bans). Vape on!

    1. No problem! Thanks for reading it, gives me a reason to write it :)

  2. Yah. Way to go. Ive beennlooking at these for awhile. Now I'm on it. Thanks bro

    1. Author

      Cool deal, I think I still have one or two of these knocking around in my stash somewhere, I may need to drag them back out.

  3. Do they work with V2 and JacV batteries? and were are they on the site as I' been looking for so long and cannot find them

    1. Author

      They did indeed work on my V2 battery. It's possible that this carto isn't being made any more, the review is nearly a year old, and products tend to come and go as the industry focuses on the next new thing.

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