1. >"I'm still on a quest for a full featured variable voltage e-cigarette than is smart, but dumb enough to light up dual coil hardware at high voltages."

    That's what I'll be waiting for in this price range. I'm guessing the low amp switch has something to do with the circuitry to get higher voltage out of a single 3.7v battery. A dual bat 3.5amp should do it. :)
    Nice review Steve.


    1. You might be on to something there. I'm not totally certain if the limitation is due to the boost circuit used in single battery vari-volt devices or what. For some reason I assumed it's just a simple calculation the device makes based on the resistance of whatever hardware is on there. But simply sensing amperage is probably a more logical thing for them to do.

  2. Awesome!!! definitely getting one…only 69.99?! wow

    1. Yeah. Last I heard the standalone bodies will be available some time after the full kits. And Volcano has kind of been on island time getting these released, so not sure when to expect them.

      Also, if you check the summary section above, there should be a 10% off coupon code (hopefully it applies to the Lavatube too) you can use if you haven't used a code from them before.

  3. Just got one. There is a voltage lock feature. Hold the + and – buttons. I only have a few attys and also an LR dual coil tank similar to the pic you posted above. I don't have a way to measure the voltage but it holds even at 4+ volts. Not sure if the LCD is just locked from changing the value or if the voltage is holding.

    1. it shows the voltage setting, but not necessarily the output. I have a little voltage meter that can screw inline between the Lavatube and the tank which shows me the output while its connected. When it didn't exceed the amperage it was fine and held at roughly +-0.1v from wherever it was set. It was when I tried to run a dual coil above 3.7v or a 3 ohm carto at 6v is where I noticed the voltage deviated from what was set.

      The voltage lock is handy, every once in a while, I hit the wrong button and have to readjust if I forget to lock it.

  4. it seems you are right. For LR (1.5-1.7 ohms) voltage will throttle back.

  5. Hi Steve, great writeup as usual. To quote Russ, your writing truly is prolific. I have a quick question: do you know if there are any differences between the units Volcano will be shipping vs the already released European counterparts? I know that Volcano has been beta testing for a while.

    1. Thank you, I truly appreciate that!

      To answer your question I'm not 100% sure, other than the chrome version will be exclusive to them. I know they said that they've worked with the manufacturer to improve some things, but to be honest I haven't had the best communication with their people. I'm not even 100% sure I have a retail version instead of a beta version. I asked them, but never heard anything back. Generally, I try not to do reviews of beta products because it's not a good true picture of a product someone can buy.

  6. Whats the special link?

    * David A.K.A. eastXrebel *

    1. For a while, Volcano had a link on their site to order the remaining pre-order lavatubes. Those sold out, and when the next shipment comes in that will be the one that's available to everyone, so I took the link out. I think I'll take out the updates altogether as they're starting to get a little too confusing.

  7. I already have my tube and its really great, regarding prices and comparing with other similar devices. For 36,5€ what could i ask more? And yes, 18650 PCB will leave de bottom cap thread visible, for near 1mm. The diference between that lavatube and my blacktube is the logo on the bottom, the specs are totally the same and comply with the one i have, so i dont get what volcano means by saying they are tottally different devices.

    1. According to a forum thread it appears that other than the logo and chrome version that will be available next month, Volcano has improved on the threads and the bottom vent hole. I also think they may have dropped the cutoff from 15 to 10 seconds. It appears that I have a pre-release version. I thought they sent me the finalized device, normally I don't like to review "beta" units because it's not always fair, but in this case the differences are fairly minor. It has a couple flaws, but for the price, I don't think there's really anything comparable.Thanks for the comments!

  8. Sounds about right. with the 2.5 amp limit, 1.5 ohms @ 3.7 volts would be 2.46 amps. So really what users want, is a VV device with a higher current limit. You can prolly use some dual coil 2.5 ohms with this thing, and theoretically, it should get to 6.0 volts. Not sure, I dont own one.

    1. Author

      The higher resistance dual coils to work at 6v on this and the ProVari pretty well. I'm still on a quest for an elegant mod that can run the 1.5 ohms at 5+ v.

  9. >"This device also features regulated output; as the battery charge drops, the device will keep the voltage at the same levels, until there’s not enough charge left in the battery."

    Finally did some testing on various vaporizers and was a little surprised at how much the output voltage dropped as the battery drained at any given setting. I posted the chart at http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/gotvapes/2… Post #259

    After these tests I had a near uncontrollable urge (up to entering my CC #) to buy a V2 Provari to see if their claim of constant output voltage was true. :)


    1. Author

      I have V2 equipped ProVari. The claim is true :)

  10. Just visited Busardo's Provari Review again and the charts show it to be a beautiful performer at each given setting. What I would be curious to see is what happens with the 1.5ohm DC carto that has pushed the unit to near max at 5v according to his chart. I would want to test the unit to it's very max, say 5.2v with a fully charged battery then test it again with a depleted battery to see if it would still perform at 5.2v.

    That is what I did with the Lavatube, all of those readings were the very max the PV could produce with a full charge and a partially depleted battery.

    BTW what did you think of Busardo's introduction for the Provari, I was truly impressed and I'm not even a Provari loyalist. :)


    1. Author

      The ProVari will top out at about 4.9v before it fires off the E2 error with a 1.5 ohm dual coil. That's still pretty good, especially because it really is 4.9v

      Phil does some amazing videos, doesn't he?

  11. Any VV device will perform the same with a 2 ohm single coil or 2ohm dual coil. The circuit sees 2ohm irrespective of how many coils there are. What will differ is the heat per coil only.

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