Malaysia Activists Lobby for National eCig Ban

A group of what appear to be citizens, according to news reports anyway, are calling for the complete abolition of e-cigarettes in Malaysia. The group is apparently concerned that youth can access e-cigarettes and it might serve as a gateway (sound familiar?). Naturally, rather than preventing youth access, these people simply want e-cigarettes banned altogether.

CAP wants e-cigarettes banned

e cigar 150x125 imageHe said while there was an age restriction for the sale of cigarettes, there was none for e-cigarettes. “This can lead to more children and youths smoking e-cigarettes,” he added. He pointed out that most e-cigarette sales were done online, hence within easy reach of minors. Idris said a teacher told CAP recently that about 60 students in his school smoke e-cigarettes. “CAP wants the Health Ministry to impose an immediate ban on the promotion, sale and use of e-cigarettes,” Idris told a press conference at his office here today.

Most of the science they use to backup the claims of course actually reveal different results than the soundbites of lung damage would make you think. The WHO is also mentioned, so here’s another example of that organization ensuring developing nations keep having a tobacco problem.

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