Misinformed Times 2 Equals NY1 Story

NY1 the news station out of New York City ran a fairly unflattering story about e-cigarettes. The story interviewed some interchangeable medical professional and one e-cigarette user who might not be the most informed consumer in the world. Put them both together and you get a story that paints a picture of e-cigarettes as dangerous unknowns with scary ingredients.

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“Each manufacturer will claim a certain amount of nicotine is in the vapor on each puff, but that has not been proven scientifically,” says Whiteson.

Many, including Paul, do not really know what they are inhaling.

“I’ve never read the full ingredients, which probably isn’t exactly good,” he says.

Four. Six tops. How can you not bother to read a list of less than half a dozen ingredients?  As for the other guy. To the best of my knowledge, no e-cigarette company in the history of ever (including the crappy companies) ever attempted to estimate the amount of nicotine per puff. Each puff is different and the actual amount of nicotine would likely be very small.

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