New Study Investigates eCigs for Smoking Schizophrenic Patients

A new study was just released investigating the use of electronic cigarettes among smokers diagnosed with schizophrenia. There is apparently a higher than normal percentage of individuals with this disease who smoke. Apparently, smoking has antipsychotic effects for some people. The study was a joint effort by researchers including Dr. Ricardo Polosa who published the study last year showing even unmotivated smokers were able to quit or cut down with electronic cigarettes.

Conclusions: We have shown for the first time that the use of e-cigarette substantially decreased cigarette consumption without causing significant side effects in chronic schizophrenic patients who smoke not intending to quit. This was achieved without negative impacts on the symptoms of schizophrenia as assessed by SAPS and SANS symptoms scales.

The study found some minor reactions to the e-cigarette, which as I pointed out in this article, tend to actually be signs of smoking withdrawal more than anything. Perhaps here’s one more nail in the coffin of all the stupid antifreeze arguments that just don’t want to die.

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