1. The most accurate e-luqid calculator. You can use the two liquids. Separately from the main flavor of the liquid. Calculator will calculate you how much you need to add nicotine base, propylene glycol (add PG), glycerin (add VG), distilled water (add Water), in order to get the muck specified parameters. URL: http://sigareta16.ru/calculation/

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      That's pretty good looking. Is there an English language version available?

  2. In parentheses is written translation of each item. if that write in support – all explained.

  3. The best tool on the internet! Great for making your own ejuices for the DIY. The calculator is very accurate as it is important to know that you have the correct levels in your ejuice, meaning, too much of any one liquid will drastically change the characteristics of your flavor and even the nicotine levels. I highly recommend this tool for anyone of the DIY community.

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