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Impressions of the eGo-C Tank System

Joye eGo-C Review – the eGo reinvented

ovale joye ego-c review e-cigarette kit image


The Joyetech eGo-C is a staple in the e-cigarette world.  The larger capacity and higher performance makes it the first step-up from standard mini e-cigarettes many people take.  The eGo-C  is a tank like the eGo-T but with a twist: replaceable, modular atomizers.  In this eGo-C review we’ll see if the eGo-T has been bested the new technology.

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What’s in the box

Included with each standard starter kit is the following:

  • 2 650mAh eGo batteries
  • 2 cone and atomizer holders (pre-assembled)
  • 5 atomizer heads
  • 5 tank cartridges
  • 3 replacement cartridge caps
  • 3 silicone tip covers
  • 1 AC adapter
  • 1 USB adapter
  • Printed manual
  • Carry pouch

eGo-C Design

I opted for the stainless steel Ovale branded version of the kit.  The Ovale brand is owned by Joytech and is identical to the Joye branded devices. The battery and atomizer base portion feature the Ovale logo etched on the finish.  These are the same kits as the Joye version and are produced by the same company, but with different logos.

For the most part, the Ovale eG0-C battery is a standard  eGo battery.  The models in this kit are of the 650mAh variety, and charge via a screw-in charger, not USB pass-through.  These are newer Joye batteries so they have the 5 click on/off feature (click the button 5 times to toggle the unit on or off).

The battery’s button is the familiar hard plastic clear button.  The LED light behind the button is white and is relatively bright.

ovale joye ego-c review e-cigarette kit atomizer head and baseLike the T, the C features a plastic tank that holds about 1ml of e-liquid.  The tank is clear and features a flat whistle tip.

The difference in the eGo-C is the 3-piece modular atomizer assembly.  Unlike a standard eGo, the C uses a three-piece modular design. Also, unlike a typical eGo, the cone is an integral part of that modular design.  The other two parts are the atomizer base and the atomizer head.

The premise of the design is fairly simple. The base unscrews from the cone, and the atomizer head is inserted into the base. From there, just fill the tank,plug it into the cone and screw the assembly on the battery.

Like many tank systems in this class, the atomizer head features a hollow post with a wick running through it.  The bar supporting the post appears wider than comparable e-cigarettes.  In practical use, I found this meant I didn’t have to worry so much about aligning the contours of the tank with the bridge in the atomizer.

In theory, the ability to swap out the atomizer head and not the entire atomizer reduces the cost of upkeep.  Another plus is the ability to swap out heads of different resistances to suit your mood.

The fact the heads are replaceable begs the question if they are less durable than traditional atomizers.  I have not had my eGo-C kit that long, however some vapers I spoke to said that their atomizer heads seemed to be as durable as traditional atomizers.

It’s probably worth noting if you already have an eGo, the system will work on your existing eGo batteries.  You can buy an eg0-C upgrade kit separately.

Using the eGo-C

For the most part, using the C is as simple as it sounds.  The biggest snag I ran into there was the base and atomizer were screwed together very tight, making it difficult to separate the two.

Once the cone and base are unscrewed, take one atomizer head out of the strip packaging.  From there, just drop the head in and re-connect everything.

ovale joye ego-c review e-cigarette kit cone and tank

Another trick to this unit has to do with filling the tank cartridges.  While the tops do pop off, they’re hard plastic unlike the Innokin Leo, for example. It can be done but it tends to be hard on fingernails.

An easier method for me was to insert the empty tank into the cone to pierce the seal.  Once done, remove the tank and fill via the opening with a syringe or pipette.  The tank holds around 1ml of e-liquid.


Rounding out the technical details, I measured the battery and atomizer.  The battery outputs a regulated 3.5v, not a powerhouse, but better than the 3.2v many eGo class batteries put out.  The atomizer’s resistance measured at 1.9Ω on my ProVari.

ovale joye ego-c review e-cigaretteWhile this isn’t exactly a powerhouse combination, the setup works pleasantly well.  The eGo-C put out a respectable amount of vapor.  Throat hit was also translated fairly well.  Surprisingly, flavor was present in greater quantity than many of the tank systems I’ve sampled before.

As a side note, I found the shape of the whistle tip to be very comfortable.  I could also easily check on my e-liquid levels by turning the e-cigarette upright and looking at how much was left in the base.

Battery life is typical for an eGo style device as well.  At 650mAh the device would last several hours for me.  Users stepping up from a traditional e-cigarette which typically has a battery in the 200mAh range should experience an impressive increase in run time over their old sticks.

The eGo-C did not have the issues I’ve heard reported with the older Joye eGo-T models.  Specifically, other than some condensation build-up on the outside of the tank, I did not experience any leaking with this system.  I also did not experience any problems with dry hits.

Despite bodacious back-to-back vaping the atomizer and e-liquid was able to keep up.

On a side note, when I put the atomizer on my Lavatube (with the help of a 510-eGo adapter), I did start getting dry hits at around 4v.  This is more of a sign that the tank system was designed for lower voltage eGo batteries than anything else.


ovale joye ego-c review e-cigarette kit atomizer strip


Too Long; Didn’t Read

The eGo-C is an interesting technology update to the classic Joyetech eGo-T.  The modular atomizer heads are an interesting technology.  The real story here, however, is the device performs well and doesn’t seem to suffer from some of the issues the original experienced.  This kit is an excellent choice for users looking to upgrade from their first e-cigarette starter kit.

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  • Good performance
  • No leaking or burning issues
  • Easily replace the atomizer components
  • Solid construction


  • Not quite as easy to fill as other tank systems
  • By now, shouldn’t all eGo batteries have USB pass-through charging?
  • Batteries only have 650mAh capacity


Product Name: Joye eGo-C Starter kit
Available from: Vapor Alley
Price: $79.99
Battery Output: 3.5V (regulated)
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Atomizer Resistance: 2.0Ω
Threading: eGo (battery also 510 compatible)

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