1. I am a relatively new vaper and am currently using an ego-t type a. I've been curious about these. Great review.

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      I never had a regular eGo-T, but I've had several 510-Ts and most of the Innokin gear, and I think the C compares pretty favorably.

  2. The 510-T, I liked. But I got tired of the atomizer plugging up and being difficult to clean and reduced efficiency after only a few days to week's use. The eGo-T I heard leaked. This one, I heard no leaks and also with the pull-apart atomizer/wick assembly, very easy to clean and keep in tip-top shape. Side note – regarding font size on screen here – but it comes out very tiny, the font size on screen and requires increasing the view to maximum size fonts, just to get them to be viewable as if normal size fonts on other websites.

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      I haven't had the C long enough to need to clean, but it sure seems like it would be easy to do. The C is a pretty nice setup I think.

      As far as the fonts, I always thought them a little small, but they're pretty much built into the theme. I'll have a look and see if there's something I can do, but it might have to wait until the next time I decide I hate the way the site looks and change the look again :)

  3. This C also looks like it's easy to change the wicks, something else that would make it last a lot longer with proper care. I think I might try it because I did like the richness and smoothness of the previous tanks, but didn't like the difficult to clean designs. I have currently switched over to clearomizers, which those taste a lot like the tank systems too. Anything without the poly-fill, I am finding I like best.

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      I've never had success changing wicks on anything :) If you get it to work, let me know.

  4. I've had my SR ego-c attys (from Ovale) over 2 months now and only one of em' has kicked the bucket. Cleaning for me is simply a vodka soak/rinse/dry and they work just fine.

    I will say though that after trying a 'starter' kit from cignot with the LR atty head, I'm not going back to the standard units. The LR is the sweet spot for me. Now we wait for the 'b' cone assembly for the 2ml tanks…which is why the ego-t LR 'b' is still my go-to unit.

  5. although i am relativly newto the e-cigarette scene,my favorite model has to be the njoy

    510. as i am legally blind, this unit is more than adiquate for my needs–especially when

    fitted with a dct-10 tank assembly. it is quite simple to fill ando maintain despite my

    visual impairment. everything either screws in, pulls apart, or snaps into place. though

    other reviewers may reported that this unit suffers from leakage issues, the only time

    that i might have a small leak is when i just filled my tank. my dealer replaced the

    original o-rings with automotive grade units. once these units seat themselves, i have

    no problems. even the cartomizer is easy to replace and fill. the only beef i have is

    that the havana cigar e-juice is way too thick for this unit. so thick in fact that it will

    clog your atomizer. maybe someone out there could tell me how i might dilute it so

    that i could use this flavor again–it’s my favorite.

    my prayers are with the hollway family in niceville florida, where mr. tom holloway is

    recovering from injuries he got when his e-smoke exploded. must have been something

    made by vapor tech. the 801 that i had was a first-class piece of crap that did the exact

    same thing. watch out for the tv ads that offer free e-smokes. any company that does

    this is obviously selling defective products!

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      Glad to hear your kit is working for you. That's the important part at the end of the day :)

      As for your e-liquid, you could try thinning it out with either distilled water or pure grain alcohol. Another option is to see if the vendor you buy it from can make it with a higher level of PG (propylene glycol).

      Good news for the man in the Florida story, a TV station in Pensacola has reported tonight that he's back home from the hospital. I would, however caution against speculating what brand specifically he was using. Even something that seems shady in a "free trial" offer. Those are likely made in the same factory as other more reputable brands. The general consensus now is that he was actually using a tube mod of some sort. There have been reports that the fire department found 3v CR123 batteries on the scene which are used stacked in mods for 6v vaping. They're also used for photography, and he was a photographer, so there you go :)

      We won't know for sure unless he tells his story. I'm going to publish a special news report on the incident tomorrow. For now, I just wish him a speedy recovery.

  6. I switched to the eGo-C atty and find it gives me continuous dry hits that hurt my throat a lot. I never have this problem with the eGo-T (unless the tank is empty of course). If you have any solutions I would love to know. It's frustrating as I am out of T-attys and have 5 more C's left.

  7. I've had my Ego C for about a month and having leakage. Some days it leaks to the point that I feel like I'm wasting a lot of liquid. Comments or suggestions? Other than the leakage, love it. My first e-cig and haven't touched an analog since!

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