1. I guess you had to have something as a 'Con' for credibility reasons… But you really had to look for those, didn't you? lol Not much to dislike about a ProVari, that's for sure!

    By the way, the only reason you're "Unable to run multiple coil cartos at higher voltages" is because they are generally low resistance, thus at higher voltages you would be drawing too much current to be safe. Toss a dual coil carto on and use the 'ohms check' feature and you'll see.

    1. The cons are definitely on the light side on the ProVari. I've seen some folks grouse about the low voltage issue with the dual coils on the forums, so figured it was worth a mention. But you are correct, anything that limits the amperage would be limited in how hard it could push something like the dual coils which run in the 1.2-1.5 range or so in general.

  2. Arg Steve! You have the black Provari! I'm so jealous. I got myself a chrome (as it was the only one left in stock) + end cap, coz I didn't want to wait it out for a few weeks.

    Great writeup anyways, well done.
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    1. Don't be too jealous, I think there are more people with black ones than chrome. What I've yet to see is anybody rocking the gold plated version. I'll hold out for platinum with rubies in it I think.

      1. Hey Steve I have Two Provari’s the Satin and the Black and I will soon be rockin the Gold. The Provari’s is an awesome mod. I have been using my Satin one for over a year now. I can find no faults with them and Provape the manufacture are awesome. One really can’t go wrong with this mod it’s proven its self to me and I’m a heavy vapor.

        1. Author

          The ProVari tends to be the gold standard. Mine's a little beaten up from keeping it in my pocket, but it's going strong and it's one of the few things I can say I use every day.

  3. Oops. How come my recent post showed up below my comment? Pls feel free to delete that, wasn't my intention!


    1. It's not a bug, it's a feature! I use something called Comment Luv on my comment system. It basically goes out to your blog and links the most recent article. Sort of a way to reward people for commenting. If you don't want to do that in the future, just uncheck the comment luv box when you type your reply.

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