Psychiatrist Recommends eCigs, Plugs LOGIC

An article on Fox News written by a psychiatrist Keith Albow is very positive on e-cigarettes. The doctor now openly recommends the devices for patients who have failed using other methods and suggests other practitioners do the same. Interestingly, he claims the reason they are effective is that they don’t work quite as well as cigarettes, something I personally felt the opposite about.

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Since many of my patients have reported using electronic cigarettes to successfully stop smoking, I now recommend the devices to anyone who has tried to quit smoking cold turkey and failed. And I think it is time that other doctors do, too.
The reason my patients tell me electronic cigarettes work better than the patch or nicotine gum is that they simulate the act of smoking, but not perfectly.  They are good enough to substitute for real cigarettes, but they aren’t good enough to become an addiction, in and of themselves.  An analogy in the arena of food addiction would be something low calorie that fills you up enough to prevent bingeing on sweets, gives you some distance from that addiction, but then becomes forgettable, because it isn’t really all that compelling.

For some reason, he says that his patients have the best results with Logic brand e-cigarettes, which almost makes the piece seem like an ad. I had to look for any references to the piece being paid for (but found none).

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