RJ Reynolds Test Marketing Electronic Cigarette

The Winston-Salem Journal published an article outlining RJR’s approach to smokeless alternatives. The story covered some of the company’s recent endeavors including snus and nicotine replacement therapy(!) However, it also appears the company is dabbling its toes in electronic cigarettes, running a very low-key test on a disposable e-cigarette product called Vuse.

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The article has some other interesting insights and generally good information about big tobacco’s dabbles into electronic cigarettes.  The article also brings out a point which I’ve seen before in industry analysis, some feel that big tobacco entering the market brings credibility to electronic cigarettes.  Let’s just think about that one for a minute.  E-cigarettes need support from one of the most reviled industries to gain legitimacy? That’s kind of harsh.

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6 thoughts on “RJ Reynolds Test Marketing Electronic Cigarette

  • Jason

    I have often suggested in commenting elsewhere that government, pharmaceuticals and tobacco, all three, are behaving very foolishly if they do not consider further R&D, standardization, marketing and promotion of e-cigs, including as even possible future replacements for cigarettes entirely – since it would allow for manufacturers to realize a new market complete with competitive branding, consumers with choice among more competitors, profitability for both pharma and tobacco companies, potential for tax of some sort taken by government (though nobody likes tax, still, realistically, the potential is there enough that government is being foolish to ignore the potential or to worse, ban them outright),

  • Jason

    as well as product lines coming out that are consistent, warrantable and readily available in various retail stores of many kinds (drugstore, grocery, gas station, e-cig store, new chains that would develop as a result), making it better for consumers in the long run too. Maybe RJR and PM both are secretly doing a lot of things in the backrooms and boardrooms, making decisions already about moving things further in this direction. And they may even be consulting with pharmaceuticals or government agencies about this potential as well. Maybe. But it's hard to know, it's still so top-secret it seems.

    • Steve K Post author

      I think the tobacco companies are cluing in to the potential of e-cigarettes, it's the pharmaceutical companies that seem to be behind it. Still, while I realize that there are some huge issues with the wild west approach we have now, I trust the tobacco makers and drug companies even less.

      blu claims to be working on new innovations, but it still seems like focus will be on cigarette-style devices when it comes to cigarette companies running things.

  • SteveW

    A lot of PM's more recent patenting activity has been covering a kind of hybrid device which vaporises nicotine from a standard cigarette – can't see it taking off, but there's a lot of R&D behind the scenes into the 'usual' devices as well as some wackier stuff.

    • Steve K Post author

      The article I quoted above also noted that Eclipse cigarettes still exist as a special order item. Those are the ones that you lit, but it baked the tobacco and emited a vapor.

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