SFATA Meeting Needs Bigger Digs

The electronic cigarette industry group founded by V2 Cigs, SFATA put out a press release about a venue change. The group is holding a conference January 28th to discuss strategies for working with the FDA to come up with regulation that doesn’t kill the industry. Apparently, there was a lot of interest in the industry as well as consumers and activists like Bill Godshall who will be speaking at the event.

SFATA Logo 150x69 imageThis change was made to accommodate a crowd more than double the size of what was expected. Interest in the workshop has been driven largely by interest in the keynote topic – The Immediate Threat to the E-Cig Industry of FDA Substantial Equivalence Requirements. Guest speaker Ralph Tyler will draw on his experience as former chief counsel for the FDA to speak on impending regulation of the electronic cigarette industry.

SFATA still seems to be somewhat shrouded in mystery since they don’t seem to be in nearly as many news articles lately as competing group TVECA. Hopefully with this many people in attendance they will come up with something that benefits more than just a small handful of vendors.

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