1. >"Unlike some standard e-cigarettes and larger models like the eGo which output power at around the 3.2 volt range, true 3.7 volt devices tend to offer a better experience."

    Hi Steve,

    Perhaps you can clarify a point of confusion on my part? I've seen many comments, most notably from DaBoom in his "Wonderful World of Vaping" series on eGo type batteries being 3.2v. I have five fat bats and everyone of them are at least 3.7v under load , higher when fully charged, assuming my MadVapes volt meter is correct. I'm aware that many of the mini bats are in the range of 3v, some even less but I've never seen a eGo type battery advertised at anything under 3.7v. What do others know that I'm yet to understand about the voltage of eGo type bats? -)

    BTW the VV Box Mod and Volt Meter from MadVapes is by far the best investment I've made to date.


  2. Well, the way I understand it is that most eGo style devices do indeed have a 3.7v battery in there. But, they have voltage regulators in them that ensure they output a constant voltage, 3.2 in most cases though I have seen some go higher. They basically do that so the experience is the same from when you first take it off the charger until its last puff.

    Of course, that nifty MadVapes volt meter can't read voltages on pulsing regulators like eGos uses, so you never can quite tell what voltage is really coming out of there.

    Fat batts usually give you whatever the battery outputs. For the most part on most 3.7v batts (including the Sparki up there) you'll start off at 4.2v and eventually peter down to around 3.2 or so before it gives up the ghost entirely.

    The VV box is pretty much like a good old reliable pickup truck. It's not pretty but it gets you where you are going and lets you take whatever you need with you.


  3. I have to say that while I haven't tried the SP3, I did own an SP2, and it's a mistake I wouldn't care to repeat. As far as I can tell, the only real difference between an SP2 and SP3 is the color, as it seems to be made of pretty much the same parts. Don't buy this mod. It leaks, it'll break in about a week of daily use, and when you contact the creators of the thing for support, the best you'll get is, "gee, you know you can buy new parts," or "we never said it'll hold up longer than a week." If you're going to spend money on something like this, get something that won't die as easily as one of these things will, like a mini Xhaler, or even a Riva. The Spark Plug, and all of it's variations are absolute garbage. Don't waste your time or money on any of them. Unless you like wet batteries and cheap mechanical switches that can't complete a circuit after two thousand uses.

    1. Yikes! I know there's something different than the color since the old caps and stuff won't fit the new model. Not sure if it's anything beyond a threading change though. I did have liquid get into the tube once when I got a little crazy with the dripping. Makes sense because that brass connector isn't sealed.

      I unfortunately haven't been able to use the SP3 frequently enough to notice weather or not the button wears in a way that would cause it to misfire regularly. I hope they fixed any issues there, but can't really say.

      Thanks for the heads up!

    2. I was reading a thread on ECF today. Apparently, that spring in the button can get compressed and by removing it and stretching out out a little bit, it can improve the button action. Doesn't help with the potential for juice to seep into the tube, however.

  4. I have to say, I never used an SP2, love my SP3.

    Be clear that this is a nice device, and much less expensive than other tube style mods. I haven't had the misfire issues that others report. Sometimes my battery needs to be charged, sometimes I'm not pressing the button right. User error, button preference , these will vary. If you want to try batteries and get a feel for it, start here.

    The same way I am glad that I started on 4081/510 kits and worked my way through the food chain honestly… this is a good kit, it works and will tell you if you want this style or if you prefer an eGo style. You also wont break the bank starting here.

    I think at this price people need to get real… I don't imagine that the costs of production and design are all that far off for this device and other tube mods. I think we're seeing a vendor/designer that is giving us a great price on a device. For the price stop griping about the warranty. Nothing is free, a warranty is built in to the device price.

    Nice review Steve.

  5. >"Well, the way I understand it is that most eGo style devices do indeed have a 3.7v battery in there. But, they have voltage regulators in them that ensure they output a constant voltage, 3.2 in most cases"

    I wasn't aware of the voltage regulator in the eGo bat, now I know where the 3.2v originated. Your description of mod batts fits my eGo style Riva batts exactly. I use the term fat batts to describe all eGo style batts to make a distinction between them and mini batts.

    As it worked out I was going to build an adapter so I could measure the voltage under load as I thought possibly that's where the 3.2v number came from. I knew about the pulsing regulator as I had already read about it and tried the MadVapes volt meter on my PT and a mini bat that was handy and assumed it would be the same for my fat batts but tried it anyway and to my surprise it matched the voltage on my VOM. As it works out the full charged bat was 4.16v and 3.85v under load with a LR carto. A .3v variation was pretty much the case all the way down to 3.18v under load when it finally gave up.

    Do you know if eGo, or for that matter any of the other fat batts are still using a 3.2v regulator?

    Your analogy of "a good old reliable pickup truck" reminded me of a 49 Chev PU I had in the early 60s when I was stationed in Alaska. On subzero mornings when others were grinding away with jumpers and starter fluid my old PU fired right up after a few seconds of full manual choke. Now that's what I call a good old reliable pickup truck. -)


  6. Hey u guys use a 810.Connection like bloog right? Looks like can i buy that adapter?

    1. were can u get a 810 cart to ego battery or 510?

      1. Author

        Try MadVapes, I'm pretty sure they have an 810 to 510. Probably not an 810 to eGo if you need that specific one though.

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