Study Observes Vaping Patterns and Actual Nicotine Uptake

trying science imageDr. Konstantinos Farsalinos is probably the most prolific ecig researcher around. He and his partners have just had another study published. The idea behind this study was to see if the EU’s TPD recommendation that e-cigarettes not contain more than 4 (or 6)mg of nicotine per milliliter was commiserate with real cigarettes and nicotine replacements. The study ended up uncovering quite a few interesting tidbits about e-cigarette use.

First of all, the study’s methodology actually used eGo devices and experienced vapers to see how users eventually end up using e-cigarettes compared to smoking.  Turns out they puff twice as long as smokers, but don’t inhale as deeply.  Farsilinos also found that dry burns could skew results.  Real vapers will slow down their puffing to avoid dry burns.  Smoking machines, however, will keep on going. This could explain some of the unsettling findings some studies have found in regards to byproducts of vaping.

Here’s a copy of the study below for your reading pleasure.  Spoiler alert: 6mg/ml is not sufficient to provide the same nicotine as cigarettes or even NRT.  You need to get up to around 24mg before that happens.

Download PDF

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