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Subtank Plus [Review]

Kanger tanks seem to come in 3 sizes: small, medium and OH MY GOD!  The Subtank Plus would be the latter.  Weighing in at 7ml of capacity, the plus is one of the bigger sub ohm tanks on the market.  Read the review to find out if bigger really is better.

What Does The Future Hold For Vaping Technology?

For the past several years, seemingly every day a new vaping device is introduced to the market. From box MODs with highly advanced chips, to sub-ohm clearomizers armed with nickel NI-200 coils, vaping has become and increasingly progressive industry. This is due to how new and subsequently competitive it is. Although this is quickly changing, the industry has also benefited from relatively low regulation enjoyed up to this point.

Arctic Tank – Horizon’s cool new subohm [Review]

Subohm tanks aren’t a new thing.  It feels like I’ll I’ve been doing lately is reviewing them.  Now, there’s a new twist on the game: subohm tanks that can handle more power.  Enter Horizon’s Atlantis tank which is rated up to 100 watts depending on the model.  Find out if it really can handle that kind of power in this review.