Innokin iTaste MVP Review

Innokin’s iTaste has been through a few redesigns from the first model with the magnetic connector to the Express with a dedicated connector. This trend continues with the Innokin iTaste MVP. I’m not exactly sure what MVP stands for, but this model is a much bigger version with a few tricks up its sleeve. Check out the Innokin iTaste MVP Review and see if this might be a useful device to add to your e-cigarette collection.

eGo twist vs pass-through eGo variable voltage

eGo Twist vs Super VV eGo

Once upon a time, if you wanted variable voltage, your choices were fairly limited to box mods or ultra-high end gear like the ProVari. Now, there are many more choices including  midsize eGo style devices. So many, in fact, that I can present to you a comparison review of the eGo-C Twist vs the Super Variable Voltage eGo, two of the more popular midrange devices.