1. I started with the 10 motives disposable and then bought the 10 motives rechargeable which I have been using for about 4 weeks without having any real ciggarettes.
    My questions are
    1, what are thoughts on the rechargable 10 motives product?
    2, I haven't tried any others, if I was going to change what would you reccomend?

    I have tried reading a couple of the e-cigarette forums but just end up getting very confused by the vast range of products around for various types of vaping.

    1. I have to confess, I've not tried the regular versions of the10 Motives kits. I hadn't really heard of the company until I got one of their disposables for this review. I'm not sure if you've seen this yet, but I have written a guide on choosing an e-cigarette based on the different standards which is here: http://www.stevevape.com/2011/07/e-cig-101-whats-

      I'm not sure if you're located in Europe or not. If you are, the company in this review has a 510 tank type system that is fairly nice as well. I have a review planned but haven't written it yet. If you're in the US, I also have some reviews of other standard style e-cigarette kits you might want to check out as well: http://www.stevevape.com/search/label/starter%20k

      If there's any other questions you have, be sure to let me know! Thanks for reading.


    2. Hi,motives are good,buy some nicolites rechargable pack for 20 pounds,then buy motives refills which screw on to nicolites great.
      great charging through usb.
      20 roll ups a day.
      been off them for 4 months.

  2. Thanks for the reviews Steve: people like you are helping people like me to keep off tobacco! The 10 Motives disposable was my first exposure to the e-cigarette; it was prominently displayed at the front of the cigarette kiosk area in my local Tesco. Now, it's actually pretty horrible but there was enough to it that it made me realise that the basic premise was a good one and to look around for something better. A little over two weeks on from then, I have still only smoked about 24 of the 100 ciggies I bought at the same time as the 10 Motives disposable, and none at all in the last 48 hours! Having tried the disposable I immediately went online, spent an evening reading, then ordered myself a better e-cig and haven't looked back. I'm now on the prowl for something even better, but I've suffered exactly zero withdrawal symptoms from the lack of tobacco so far…

    So the 10 Motives disposable = yuck, but nonetheless I give big props to Tesco for stocking them and to the company for managing to place their product so well. Without the combination, I'd have remained ignorant of the pain-free alternative to smoking!

  3. Still haven't touched a ciggie… You're right though, the 10 Motives disposable tastes awful, and I wonder about your point relating to whether it will turn smokers off. Naturally I don't have any evidence to substantiate this opinion, but my guess would be that if it's in a smoker's mind to quit – or at least to find *something* as an alternative to tobacco, whether for aesthetic or medical reasons – then the 10 Motives product is probably good enough to set their feet on the path. If, on the other hand, they're trying it more grudgingly; perhaps solely to avoid restrictions on where they can smoke, or because they've been nagged or browbeaten into trying it, then they're probably going to have their worst fears confirmed.

    1. You are probably right, thinking about my own experience, I started off with a pretty terrible kit and I ended up alright.

  4. Knowing as I do the ambiguity in which most smokers of my acquaintance hold their habit, I'd suggest the new ubiquity of the 10 Motives disposable will do more good than harm in the UK. The sort of people who would rather crawl a mile over broken glass rather than quit because other people want them to aren't going to be persuaded by this product, but they probably wouldn't be persuaded by *any* product.

    Even with devices as great as the current crop of e-cigarettes as a substitute, smoking is such a powerfully addictive pasttime – psychologically as well as physiologically – that people are only going to quit if they want to.


    And now I'm off to browse your other reviews to help me find my next e-cig ;)

  5. how do you activate the electric cigarete? i cannot see any smoke coming out ? :|

    1. Author

      depends on the model. If it's the 10 Motives disposable, make sure you take that little sticker off. It should activate when you puff on it (you'll see the light on the end lighting up). If it's a regular kit, make sure you charge the batteries, and then the same thing. If they don't seem to work still, you'll want to contact customer service for which ever company's e-cigarette you bought.

  6. i have smoked for over 50 yrs and have been able to stop by using e-lites
    no problem at all with them. plenty of taste .

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