1. Love Love Love my XL !!!

  2. Steve, flat top batteries are compatible. You either have to push the button a bit harder or use a magnet spacer :)

    1. Author

      A spacer is a bit like cheating :) I need to get some.

      I did find flipping some of my batteries upside down (with the negative side at the top) helped as well, but I did have to press the button pretty hard. I'd say not to go out of the way for flat tops, but if you have them already, it may work.

  3. Just got mine and I love it! A big improvement over my EGO-T Megas. I

  4. Author

    I imagine that's a very different experience :)

  5. Do you know if the new air design will be implemented on the standard size v-mod by any chance?

    1. Author

      Yes, they've updated the standard V-MOD to feature the same stuff (like not leaking) as the XL. They are available now, unless they've sold out again.

  6. I just receive mine few days ago, WOW! As for the batteries, flat top worked fine. Only cons I have is the BIG LOGO SIGN.

    1. Author

      I guess in the grand scheme of things there could be worse drawbacks than the big logo :) Glad it works for you.

  7. nice review steve!
    have it since a month and it's wonderful.
    works like a charme without any leakage.

    1. Author

      Vapage did a good job of listening to feedback and getting them implemented.

  8. i just got the vmod xl can u use any atty or carto with it

    1. Author

      As long as it's a standard thickness. Clear cartomizers tend to be too thick and any sort of cartomizer without filler like a CE2 also won't work because of the design.

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