1. Does the airtube pull out like the CE-3?


  2. What is up with this floating ad, in the middle of my page Steve? It's annoying and makes it unbearable to try and read any content.

    1. Author

      Yeah that's not good. It's supposed to hang off to the left, or disappear if the screen resolution is too low. It seems to be happening just on some posts, like this one and when using IE. I'm trying to figure it out, I accidentally upgraded WordPress last night and it's caused a few issues I'm trying to hammer out. Sorry about that.

    2. Author

      Ok, I think I found the problem and fixed it. The ads should stay out of the way where they belong now. Sorry again and thanks for mentioning it, I didn't see any problems on my side :)

  3. how to clean it?

  4. In response to the cleaning question.. I have several of these I started using as a replacement for blu cartomizers since they produced great vapor in a small enough form factor to be “stealthy”. Running some hot water through it, letting it dry overnight then doing a couple “dry hits” seemed to adequately allow changing flavors without much fuss.

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