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Vision Stone II Tank Mod – Impressions

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I’m a huge fan of cartomizer tanks on my e-cigarettes.  When the Vision Stone was announced, I got a little excited.  This CE2 style e-cigarette tank promised to be easy to fill and clean since it unscrewed, had no filler and didn’t require cartomizer mutilation.  That’s the theory anyway.  Read the rest of the Vision Stone CE2 Tank review to find out if this is the next big thing in the carto tank world.

Vision Stone Design

vision stone tank mod review disassembled photo

The assorted parts

This is actually my second Stone.  I purchased the first revision along with the eGo Vision Stardust cartomizer.  I ran into some major leaking and gurgling issues with the first Vision Stone tank.  An updated version that featured a thicker tube and improved bottom assembly was released less than two weeks later.  I found it slightly unusual an update came out so quickly, but I went ahead and ordered the version 2.

The version 2 features stainless steel end caps, which is a pretty high-end feature for an inexpensive cartomizer tank.  The basic design remains the same between the two versions.  Inside the tank is the engine from the Vision CE2 style cartomizers.

However, rather than having a hole in the bottom cap for the CE2 assembly to attach, the bottom cap is an integrated part of the entire engine of the Vision Stone.  The top of the internal assembly features a large silicone cap with large filling notches and a nipple on the top just like the standard vision cartomizers.  The nipple fits through a hole in the top cap of the tank which has a sloping exterior.  A drip tip attaches to the top of the cap completing the tank.

The top and bottom end caps screw on the threading in the tube making it a snap to fill and clean.  The entire assembly is very attractive, especially with the shiny new stainless steel parts.

Issues with the Vision Stone

As I mentioned earlier, the first generation of this tank did not work very well for me.  The device had a nasty habit of leaking from the battery connector and flooding the coils.  I’m pretty sure I drank more e-liquid than I vaped with that tank.

The updated version provides only marginal improvement to the situation, and then only with a fair amount of fiddling.

I was disheartened to find that when I filled the new one, nearly immediately about 1/3 of the contents of the tank ended up on the exterior of my ProVari.  I cleaned everything up and reseated the gasket on the heating coils to make sure I hadn’t accidentally flooded the device from the top.

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I refilled the Vision Stone and again a fair amount of the contents wound up outside the tank.

Determined to get to the bottom of things I started to fiddle with the tanks some more.  What I found was if the stem is moved while liquid is in the tank, it will leak from the battery connector.  This leads me to believe there’s an issue with the small gasket located in the battery connector.

After asking around on the message boards, I was given the advice of leaving the Vision Stone on the e-cigarette while filling.  This should minimize the amount of moving the stem assembly does when screwing the lid back on.

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Not this gasket, this one is fine

This method was more successful!

I got about two good tankfulls out of the Vision Stone using this method.  While that makes it less than elegant, at least I was able to use the device.  Unfortunately, after the two successful tanks, the leaks returned.

I think this may be a manufacturing defect and not a bad design.  Quite a few people have reported great success with the device. I’m not sure what percentage may be bad, but since I got two bunk tanks from two different production runs, it seems like it may be a little high.


I don’t want to just bash the poor Vision Stone tank and call it a day.  Those two tankfulls I was able to enjoy were downright fantastic!

This CE2 tank produced an absolutely impressive amount of vapor.  The resistance measured at about 2.4Ω but I was able to drive it to 4.3v on my Lavatube which produced a nice, warm vapor.  Throat hit was perhaps a little low for that amount of vapor.

In short, when this thing works, it works pretty damn well. For me, the issues far outweigh the performance.  Perhaps future improvements could catapult this device into the limelight of the cartomizer tank world.


vision stone tank mod review stone on lavatube


Too Long; Didn’t read

The Vision Stone CE2-style tank (revision 2) is a device with a great deal of potential. However in its current incarnation I spent more time wiping e-liquid off my e-cigarette than I did enjoying the stellar performance this device is capable of.  I look forward to further improvements in the near future.  If the device can learn how to hold its liquid, the combination of easy filling, low price and fantastic vapor production could make it a winner.


  • Easy to fill
  • Great performance
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Good looking
  • Easy to pour remaining liquid back into bottle


  • 4 out of 6 fills resulted in substantial leakage and flooding
  • Took some adjustment to prevent leaking


Product Name: Vision Stone II Tank Mod
Available from: GotVapes
Price: 11.95
Threading: 510
Resistance: 2.4Ω
Capacity: 5ml