1. Iv rebuilt each of my heads that came with the ViVi Nova. It is really easy to replace the wick and coils with your own. Although I still dont get the full flavor and heat I desire due to the CE2 Design, It is a great backup to have if you run out of Carto's or atomizers, and need to build a working atomizer in a pinch. Overall Takes about 5 minutes for me to get one together, skilled modders will be able to have a rockin one together faster.

    1. Author

      I might brave that after I break one of the heads :)

  2. I love mine right out of the box! Glad to see a good review for them.

    1. Author

      I have to admit, I thought I was going to hate them. I've been pleasantly surprised.

  3. I do hate them. The design is flawed in many ways. Why didnt Vision just make the metal tanks for the VS3 and call it a day? One problem, and they toss the project for something that has many? Whats the main flaw? Long straight wire making contact with rubber. HUMMM whats wrong with that picture? Heating up and vaping rubber is just not very classy IMO. Second thing is if u look at a zenesis atty you never see long straight runs of heated coil. The dry coil that runs up to the coil wrap is glowing red while the coil wrap is not due to juice cooling it. That all makes for the worst vape you can think of. FAIL. Oh did I mention the clear tanks still break. I use my tank that leaked from day one. Vision is just blind.

    1. Author

      That would explain why the 2.8 head was kind of dodgy.

      But to be fair, the Vision Stone is up to rev 3, so in a way they didn't give up after the first time, they've tried at least 3 times so far. And the z-atty literally costs 10 times as much as this one, so I'd expect it to be of much higher quality. :)

    2. For the rebuilders it's an easy fix using the GG technique of adding tails of NR wires. No big deal.

  4. I really like these too. The lower resistance perform much better. Same deal for the Stardust. Something about the design isn’t conducive to the higher resistances. The LR work very well, so it’s a non-issue for me. I’m waiting for the XL Stardust to arrive now. I like the form factor better than tanks…

  5. Hey Steve,
    Where can ya get the wire to replce on these? I love the Vivi Nova and I usually do not like tanks due to the leaking all the time. These leak, but a drop or two and this is from putting it on the side as the liquid does go thru the slot where the string is.
    Oh yeah, where could you also get new string for usage on this. I know and heard of a better type than what is used within these. Just need to know where to get the wire and string.
    Thanks!! :0)

  6. maybe i got a knock off, but the top of my tank doesnt un-screw. supposedly you remove the mouth piece and fill the tank thru a fiber like baffle. Problem is, all the liquid seeps out the bottom of unit. arrrrg! =:(

    1. Author

      Yeah, I\’m not quite sure what that is, but the Vivi Novas I have all unscrew at the top and you just fill by dumping liquid in. I haven\’t had a lot of problem with bottom leaking.

  7. Why do I get a burnt tast.

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      Usually it\’ because either the wicks can\’t get liquid fast enough to the coils (if it\’s a thick liquid, or the voltage is too high usually) Usually turning it upside down for a while between puffs helps. Or, if it\’s an older coil that\’s been used a while, the eliquid has formed a burnt crust and it\’s time to replace the head.

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