1. isnt that the v2 you have thier?i thought the v2 had the short wicks and the v2.5 went back to the longer wicks ive had all 3 from gotvapes
    the v2 were my favorite with the short wick shortly after the v2.5 came out and the longer wicks came back

    1. Author

      I think Vapor Alley is a little off with their version numbers or something, I had a similar comment on their Stardust as well. 2.5 is what they list it as so that's what I ran with. The good news is they have the short wick version, so you can still get them :)

  2. I do love the Nova as it preforms really well on my 900 Twist. I just received the long wicks and prefer them to the short ones. It seems to hold the Juice in more and does not cause dry hits. The Nova and The Texas Tuffy have become my go to tanks. http://www.papa-ricks.com. We have done a review as well and it is an accentuation of yours.

  3. I have a bunch of 1.8 ohm stardust heads with the long wicks laying around. Will they fit on the vivi nova? Just curious :)

  4. i have an ego ,will the vivi nova 2.5 fit on my battery an or is there a kit to make it fit thakyou

    1. Author

      Yes, it will fit since eGos can take all 510 threaded cartomizers. There are collars to sort of dress up the connection between the battery and a tank, but that is purely for aesthetics and not compatibility.

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