10 Perfect E-liquids To Pair With Your Drinks

The new year is rapidly approaching.  For many people that means enjoying a nice beverage or ten.  This guest post comes just in time to help you with pairing your favorite drink with the perfect e-liquid.  Just like every other guest bit, the content is solely that of the author.  


The Perfect Drinks & E-liquid Pairing

E- liquids are taking over the world by storm. They don’t harm the body like tobacco does and they are available in numerous flavours.

We have a few suggestions for you to pair e- liquids and your favourite drink to guarantee you with an exceptional experience.

1. Jäger Bomb

This is the drink you prefer on those nights parting away. They consist of Jägermeister and half a can of energy drink. It gives a good kick and tastes delicious. You can pair a Jäger bomb with an energy drink e- juice for a tasty and energetic pair. Perfect combination when you want to enjoy vaping.

2. Mimosa

A popular brunch drink, Mimosa is part orange juice and part champagne. This treat to the eyes and on the tongue drink is refreshing. To bring out the sweetness of the champagne, you can enjoy it with a strawberry flavoured e- liquid for an unbeatable experience.

3. Wine

There are different wines that you can enjoy with different e- liquids. Light rose wine has a light and airy flavour. It can be best enjoyed with sweet fruity flavours like peach.

Chardonnay has a sweet yet complex flavour and will taste best with rich fruit flavours. Try it with a banana cream based e- liquid and relish a great combination on your tongue.

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Red wine doesn’t taste great with anything too sweet as it has complex notes. It will pair well with thick, powerful and rich flavours like a tobacco liquid. You can also enjoy it thoroughly with a chocolate e- liquid, as wine and chocolate is an almost perfect combination or a peppermint chocolate flavour will taste great with a dessert wine.

4. Gin & Tonic and Menthol

A perfect summer drink, Gin and Tonic can be enjoyed at home while lounging or while partying away. You can pair this cool combo with a menthol e- juice and enjoy a smooth after taste.


5. White Russian

An easy to make drink, White Russian can also bring the aromatic properties of coffee. Also called Caucasian, it will taste perfect with an almond e- liquid. You will be able to experience the bold and sweet flavours together at once.


6. Whiskey Sour

A simple yet delicious drink, Whiskey Sour is a popular drink. It is made of lemon juice or sour and sweet mix, sugar and Bourbon. A delightful combination would be Whiskey Sour with blackberry e-liquid.

7. Jack & Coke

A one part Jack Daniel’s and 3 parts Coke will taste perfect with a classic tobacco flavoured e-juice. A total badass combination.

8. Rum

Just like rum and tobacco go well in real life, a glass of rum will taste splendid with tobacco e-liquid. Strong and powerful, with just the right blend of flavours.

9. Beer

Depending on the craft and location of the beer, you can pair it with German Chocolate Beefcake if you are having a Russian Imperial Stout or a peach flavoured e- liquid if you are drinking a Belgian Sour.

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10. Long Island Iced Tea

It is the perfect drink to get a good buzz. A perfect combination of 5 liquors infused together, this drink still doesn’t overwhelm unnecessarily on the tongue. Long Island Iced Tea will taste great with a mango e- juice. This will enhance the flavour of your favourite drink.

Have a great drinking- vaping time!

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