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Update: This model has been updated with a new version that resembles a Joye eGo e-cigarette much more closely.  Check out the review of the all-new Epower 2800 electronic cigarette.

The E-Power line was originally envisioned to be an Joye eGo e-cigarette with a removable battery.  The smaller siblings of the 18650 E-Power somewhat resemble an eGo style e-cigarette.  The largest version of the E-Power family loses some of its eGo form factor, but gains a lot in terms of battery life. We’ll take a closer look in this 18650 E-Power Review.

What’s in the box?
The 18650 E-Power comes packaged in a sturdy box with foam inserts cut out for the various parts.  Nestled in their cozy inserts, you’ll find:

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Courtesy Vapor Alley
  • 1 E-Power (body and switch assembly)
  • 1 Cone
  • 2 18650 Protected lithium batteries
  • 1 Battery charger
  • 2 510 atomizers
  • 5 pre-filled cartridges
  • 1 Instruction manual
For the sake of full disclosure, I will mention that I purchased my E-Power as a clearance model which only included the actual e-cigarette and cone, but no atomizers or batteries.  Because of this I did most of my testing with cartomizers.  The included atomizers are 2.5Ω SmokTech units which are supposed to be fairly decent, but I haven’t used them myself.
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The pieces fall together
As I mentioned in the opening, the 18650 is considerably larger than the smaller 14500 versions of the E-Power.  This size pretty much removes it from consideration as an eGo in my mind and puts it more in the mass-produced tube mod category.  In fact, the 18650 E-Power is very close in size to the ProVari (ProVari review available here).
While the atomizer connector on the E-Power is raised, unlike an eGo, it is not threaded.  Rather, there are threads on the top of the button unit to accomodate the super sized cone.  With the cone attached, the E-Power dose resemble in passing an eGo with giantism.
From a construction standpoint, the overall body of the E-Power is very sturdy.  The unit is constructed from stainless steel.  My unit has a chromed finish which of course is a fingerprint magnet and susceptible to scratches.
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Much smaller in person
The E-Power’s button, however, does not convey the same attitude of solid design as the rest of the unit.  The blue LED illuminated button is both small and made from a very soft rubber that has a reputation for not being durable.  A larger, hard plastic button like those found on the Joye eGo e-cigarettes would have been better at home on this model.
That button is housed in a switch assembly, which also acts as the cap for the E-Power.  Inside the switch assembly is the button and the circuitry for the unit which regulate the power to 3.7v.  Despite the circuitry, the E-Power lacks the 5-click on/off feature found in many eGos. The bottom of the assembly threads into the tube and the top features the atomizer and cone connectors.
The two parts come together well and fit with no gaps indicating good machining tolerances. However, screwing on the cap isn’t a completely silky-smooth experience and there is some resistance indicating less than perfect machining on the threads themselves.
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Also pictured, my camera
The bottom portion of the E-power is a simple tube with a spring inside.  The bottom of the tube features a vent hole to prevent any battery accidents.  Speaking of which, it turns out you can also jam a couple of 16340 batteries into this thing instead of the single 18650 battery.
It does work, although it’s not at all recommended by the manufacturer.  Being a foolhardy sort, I tried this briefly.  It indeed worked and outputted a higher voltage than standard.  What that voltage was I’m not sure, since the regulator pulses I couldn’t get a read on it with my handy volt meter.
I used this configuration to drive a dual coil atomizers.  The results were quite good from a performance standpoint.  I did find that the switch assembly got quite warm.  With that in mind, I’m just going to say you probably shouldn’t stack batteries in this model.  If you do, that’s totally not my fault, but have fun!
Using a single 18650 battery like a sane person, you’ll find the E-Power performs pretty well.  3.7v of output does a pretty good job of producing the vapor, especially with low resistance gear.  I found this model paired quite well with low resistance Boge cartomizers as well as the Resurrector cartomizers.
The 18650 is a pretty sizable battery.  As a result, the battery stores 2200mAh of vaping energy.  I found that a single battery easily got me through a day of vaping.  If you’re a little less manic than I am, you might even squeeze 2 days out of a single charge.

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The end (see what I did there?)

Too Long; Didn’t Read
The 18650 E-Power might have lost its way attempting to be an eGo style battery, but it seems to have found its calling as an inexpensive tube mod.  The E-Power is solidly constructed, save for the anemic fire button and slightly gritty threading.  The large battery inside will ensure long vaping sessions in between recharges.  If you’re thinking of making the jump from an eGo to a big battery mod, you can pick one up at Vapor Alley.
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Great battery life
  • Simple design
  • Fashionable atomizer cone
  • Flimsy button
  • No on/off feature
  • Threading not smooth
Product: 18650 E-Power
Get it From: Vapor Alley
Price: $52.99
Battery: 18650 (protected)
Threading: 510
Disclosure: I feature affiliate links and banners for Vapor Alley

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