3.5 ML Dual Coil Cartomizers – Impressions

dual coil 3.5ml cartomizer for electronic cigarettes from Clouds of Vapor.com

If anything in the current electronic cigarette market could be considered a hot new trend,  it would be dual coil cartomizers.  Dual coils have only been out for a relatively short time, yet the number of vendors carrying these items is growing as is the variety of sizes and styles.  I recently purchesed the latest iteration of these cartomizers, the massive 3.5ml clear dual coil.


dry buringing a 3.5ml clear cartomizer for electronic cigarettes
Disassembled “dry burn”

The 3.5ml dual coil cartomizer is essentially the same design as standard dual coils. As the name implies, dual coil cartomizers contain two heating elements (coils of nichrome wire) wired in parallel.  The theory is that by placing a heating element in both the top and the bottom of a cartomizer, more even distribution of vapor can be achieved.

The 3.5ml version is naturally physically larger than an “xl” version carto.  The larger tubes are size-wise in between a regular xl cartomizer and a Giantomizer or other eGo style cartomizer or atomizer.  As opposed to the giantomizer, there is not a sleeve around the battery connector which means no adapter will be required to fit most batteries and mods.

large cartomizers for e cigarettes
Giantomizer, 3.5, Storm Tank

The unusual size of the 3.5ml dual does result in a tube that won’t allow the use of a third party drip tip as 510 models are too small and eGo drip tips are far too large.  The good news is that the included tip is quite nice.  The rubber tip feels solid, has a comfortable shape and fits extremely well in the tube of the dual coil.

The overall construction of these cartomizers feels very solid and competent.  Unlike the original dual coils, the tube was seated very firmly on the battery connector end, making disassembly for the above picture quite difficult.  I also did not notice hairline fractures on the battery end of the tube with this model.

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Test liquid
I deviated from my normal test juice for this batch because I found the throat hit to be too intense with my standard juice.  Instead I opted for an 11mg PG juice.

syringe filling method for cartomizers for electronic cigarettes
I still hate syringes but they are useful

Due to the amount of capacity in these cartomizers, I would recommend using a syringe inserted between the tube wall and filler to ensure the 3.5 is saturated with juice.  Even using this method, I often end up with juice leaking out of the battery connector before the carto is completely filled.  I averaged around 3ml before I stopped trying to fill any further.  Juice can then be reapplied as needed either by dripping or using a syringe.

Test Drive
I tested the 3.5s over a couple of days and several fills using my normal array of available e cig gear: a 5 volt 510 pass through, a 3.7 volt box mod and an eGo pass through.  It is worth noting that the vendor does not recommend the use of eGo or 510 style batteries because the ultra low resistance can create high output beyond the switch’s capacity.  I did not run into any such issues, however, these will drain batteries quickly, my 650mAh eGos last around 3 hours (down from 6-8).

The dual coils are known to perform better at higher voltages contrary to their ohm ratings.  Therefore I’ll post my impressions in ascending voltage order.

eGo (~3.2v)

  • Outstanding throat hit (using an 11mg juice)
  • Warm vapor
  • High vapor output
  • Good flavor
3.7v Box Mod
  • Similar throat hit to eGo
  • Slightly warmer vapor
  • Similar to slightly higher vapor output
  • Similar flavor
5v pass Through
  • Very strong throat hit
  • Very warm vapor (but not hot)
  • Increased vapor output
  • Intense Flavor
electronic cigarette accessoriesAs expected, the experience improved the higher the voltage.  While the 5v experience was satisfying, it at times could be a bit much.  I think this is dependent on the juice you are using.  Some juice to me is unvapable at 5v because the throat hit simply makes me cough like Walt Disney on an all-night bender.  Other eliquid is great because on ordinary equipment it has almost no throat hit.  
Other observations
There are a few things that are noteworthy about using these cartomizers.  Like many cartomizers containing filler, it is critical to keep these things soaked with liquid.  If dry filler is exposed to the coils, the filler will burn causing a very unpleasant experience and potentially destroying the cartomizer.  The large size of this carto does not exempt it from this rule, however, it does mean top offs are much less frequent.  I comfortably could go an hour or more between fill-ups, averaging 1ml or more when I did top off.  This is a marked improvement over other cartos where I felt compelled to drip every few minutes.  The downside is it is easier to forget to top off and I suspect I’ve begun to burn my cartos as the juice is starting to discolor quite a bit.
It is also worth noting at this point that these things create a ton of heat internally; that hot has to go somewhere.  Therefore, you may notice these cartos get pretty warm during normal usage.  This shouldn’t be a problem unless you burn your lips trying to vape, then maybe you should slow down just a little.

Too Long; Didn’t Read
Still with me?  Great!  Dual coil cartomizers are becoming a must have accessory if you are a carto fan.  They get better the more abuse you throw their way.  It was only a matter of time before someone made a huge version.  Huge means all of the benefits with fewer stops to top off the carto before it melts.  The constant paranoia of burning the filler keeps these cartos from being perfect. There are a lot of variables with the 3.5s so they are probably most at home on a variable voltage device.

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  • Huge capacity
  • Longer time between top offs
  • Fantastic performance
  • Durable
  • Nice tip design (finally!)
  • Will drain your battery quick
  • Can burn if not topped off properly
  • Not recommended for eGo or 510 (but no problems noted)
  • Initial filling can be a chore

Rating: 3.5 somethings out of 5 somethings

Price: $14.99
Available From: Mad Vapes
Resistance: 2×3.2 (1.6 effective)
Threading: 510
Manufacturer: SmokTech

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