6 Problems with the CDC Teen eCig Announcement

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4. Conjecture

Finally, there’s the flat-out crap someone made up, because the survey did nothing to actually examine the issue. That of course is the prohibitionists favorite cause de celebre, the gateway theoryYou know how this one goes: people will start using e-cigarettes and then they’ll switch to cigarettes because, cigarette companies are evil, that’s why!

 Moreover, in 2012, an estimated 160,000 students who reported ever using e-cigarettes had never used conventional cigarettes. This is a serious concern because the overall impact of e-cigarette use on public health remains uncertain. In youths, concerns include the potential negative impact of nicotine on adolescent brain development (4), as well as the risk for nicotine addiction and initiation of the use of conventional cigarettes or other tobacco products.

That’s a quote from the CDC’s website. There’s the gateway theory right there at the end. Notice how the other statement right before it has a footnote? That’s because there’s a study for that one.  Notice how the gateway theory has no footnote? That would be because there is no study that gives any merit to the gateway theory whatsoever.

Perhaps because it’s the most idiotic theory ever. Cigarettes are a gateway for vaping, the gate doesn’t swing the other way.

5. The Media eats this stuff up

e-cigarette news title imageSo far, I’ve covered what’s wrong with the CDC’s report itself. But, it’s equally important to look at how that report impacts the world around us. Like how the media just went bonkers crazy, falling all over itself to report on the shocking findings. With few exceptions, every news outlet from the Podunk Busybody to CNN talked about Big Tobacco’s new plot to compromise our precious youth.

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In turn, that means that average people, the majority of people, who have no clue about the industry and how it works now have certain preconceived notions about the industry. And those ideas are now decidedly negative.

A significant public opinion sway against e-cigarettes could have an impact of the effectiveness on consumers ability to keep their options widely available.

6. This is a Political move

I mentioned in a news item that a retail industry group thought the timing of this release is awfully suspicious. The FDA is poised to push out its draft regulations in October. There’s been a lot of push back from consumers and some industry groups to keep the agency from handing the industry over to Big Tobacco interests. Rumors have leaked out that the FDA wants to abolish flavors and online sales to protect kids.

own the worldThen magically, a month before that happens, there’s a shocking report screaming that kids need to be protected.  Isn’t that convenient?

A cadre of senators also got in on the action calling for strict regulations, further giving the FDA justification for doing something radical. As an added bonus, the senators get to look like they have constituents’ best interests at heart, and there’s another headline to distract people from our Middle East crisis du jour.

It seems that there’s a political storm brewing and it’s headed right for Vaping Town. The question is if we can hunker down and let it blow over. Before anyone goes crazy, I think it would be prudent to see what the FDA will roll out and wait for a cue from CASAA to see what the action plan needs to be.  This is going to be a big fight, and vapers will need to be as coordinated as possible to have any hope of getting out alive.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have we been set up?  Do we have a chance to turn things around? The comments section awaits below.

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