777 e-shot e-Liquid Dispensing Keychain

e-Liquid is awesome. You can get any flavor under the sun to suit your mood. What is not awesome is having to carry around a bottle of e-liquid in the pocket. That’s just asking for a leak to happen, plus bottles can be kind of bulky. 777 eCigs has decided to try and solve this problem with their new e-Shot steel e-liquid keychain. I’m going to write this review to see if it’s something worthwhile or not.

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777 e-shot review title card image Product name  e-Shot
Available from  777 eCigs
Price  $16.95
Capacity 5ml
Competing products Innokin U-Can
Who’s it for?  People who want to have a reserve tank for e-liquid that’s easy to transport.

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What is the 777 e-Shot?

The 777 e-Shot is a metal e-liquid holder and dispenser that holds around 5ml of e-liquid. The top is outfitted with a keychain for handy carrying along with the rest of your keys and those little shopper rewards cards. You know, the ones you can never find the right one of when you’re in the checkout line.

777 e-shot review tall imageIt reminds me a little of the Innokin U-Can.  In fact, you’d better go read that review since I plan on making more than a few comparisons between the two in this review.

777’s juice keychain features a narrow top cap which conceals and protects the filling needle. The needle is part of the main cap which is unscrewed to load up 5ml of your favorite liquid. You’ll find 777’s logo etched in the metal of the main body.

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The bottom of the unit features a bottom-mounted button assembly. For reasons that are beyond me, there is a ring that can be unscrewed from the button assembly, exposing the spring that makes everything work.

Now on to those comparisons with the U-Can I promised. I found the build quality to not be as solid as Innokin’s entry in metal juice holders. Their stainless steel body just feels more put together than this version, particularly in the button department.  Speaking of which…

What’s it like to use the 777 e-Shot?

To find the answer to that question, I loaded up the Shot with a little Ooey Gooey Goodness from Tasty Troll, a local e-liquid maker. I say a little, because, well 5ml doesn’t go very far. I have some clearomizers that can hold more than that to begin with.

Since it’s just an open container, filling the can isn’t an issue. Just pour liquid in from the bottle and replace the cap. Dead simple.

777 e-shot review inside imageStill, I realize this is a tradeoff between portability and capacity. The 10ml U-CAN holds more, but it’s definitely bulky in the pocket. Thanks to its lighter construction and smaller size, I didn’t even really notice the e-Shot in my pocket.  I refrained from actually using it on my keys because I have enough stuff there, what with all the store discount cards.

The tradeoff is worth it there, especially if it means always having e-liquid handy in case you run out unexpectedly.

As for the using it part, I’m going to go back to comparing this thing to Innokin’s. The U-Can has a nice fluid motion to it when you press the button to dispense liquid. You press it once and a stream of liquid comes out while you hold the button, sort of like one of those coffee dispensers.

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The 777’s however, isn’t quite as elegant.  The button feels a little rough when pressing. In addition, it doesn’t provide the steady stream of e-liquid. You essentially have to continue pumping the button to fill up your tank.

I will say the smaller size and needle seems to work a little better than the one on the U-Can. It’s easier to fit into various sized clearomizer, where the Can was always a little clunky and awkward, particularly with smaller clearomizers.

Perhaps it’s a tradeoff in ease of use along with size, but I have to admit, it’s pretty handy to have one of these around.  You can have one around too if you visit 777.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

777 e-shot review tldr image

The 777 e-Shot is a small 5ml metal e-liquid container on a keychain. The size is great for sticking in a pocket to always have a reserve of e-liquid handy. While the button isn’t the smoothest in the world, it gets the job done.


  • Small
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to use


  • Tiny capacity
  • Clunky button

Disclosure: I received this item from 777 for review. This review contains affiliate links for 777 eCigs.


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