777 eCigs Bullet Kit – Straight Shooting Starter Kit

777 eCigs has a new Bullet starter kit out and it’s pretty interesting. I’ve been reviewing your basic e-cigarette starter kit for a long time now. There are some good kits and some not so good ones. Either way, the basic design tends to be the same. The 777 Bullet has finally tried to change that up a little. Let’s review this e-cigarette kit and see if it’s going to be a thing.

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777 bullet starter kit review box image Product name Triple Seven Bullet Standard Starter Kit
Available from  777 eCigs
Price  $49.95
Threading KR-808
Battery Capacity 320 mAh
Tank Capcity 1.3ml

What’s in the Box

 2  Bullet Batteries
 2  Bullet Tanks
 1  USB Adapter
 1  AC to USB Adapter
 1 User manual


777 Bullet Kit Design

Triple Seven’s new kit is an interesting take on the traditional e-cigarette. It sits in between the regular cigarette-sized devices and midrange devices like the eGo kit. It’s sort of a middle, middle range device if you will.

777 bullet starter kit button detailFrom a size standpoint, the Bullet is much closer in size to a traditional e-cig than an eGo. It’s slightly larger in diameter, but about the same length as a standard e-cigarette, yet it has a 320mAh battery capacity. There are standard e-cigs that have similar capacity, but they tend to be very long to the point of being somewhat unwieldy.

Like the eGo, 777’s battery uses a manual activation switch which lights up instead of the tip of the e-cigarette.  However, unlike the eGo, the button on the Bullet is curved and flush mounted. A ring around the button is illuminated rather than the button itself.

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The button mounting is dead-on. A little too much perhaps.  It takes a bit of work to feel the impression of the button when trying to activate the e-cigarette without looking. A minor concern compared to how finished and sleek the button design makes the battery feel.

Adding the Bullet clearomizer continues that feel as the diameter of the clearomizers are matched to that of the battery. The clearomizers are a short-wicked, top coil design. The design is similar to a CE4, but has straight sides like a Kanger T2. Of course, it’s also much smaller.

The tiny caros house about 1.3ml of e-liquid, which is filled by unscrewing the drip tip (again very similar to the Kanger designs) and dripping liquid in.  Since this is a small cartomizer, the gap between the head and the sidewall of the clearomizer is very small. Filling the clearo with a standard e-liquid bottle might be tricky.

Fortunately, 777 has a pretty clever solution if you go with something in their newly expanded “e-Shisha” line. Their liquid comes in amber glass bottles that feature a curved dropper tip.  Not surprisingly, the fine point of the tip is perfectly designed to fill these small clearomizers.

A lot of the “traditional” e-cigarette places make it difficult to refill cartomizers to encourage the use of expensive refills.  777 seems to have gone out of its way to make things simple with their new Bullet lineup.

777 Bullet Performance

A pretty design with neat clearomizers only goes so far. If a pretty design doesn’t produce decent vapor, what’s the point?

777 bullet kit review eliquid imageWhen I first used Triple Seven’s Bullet, I wasn’t overly impressed. Vapor was average, but flavor production wasn’t so hot.  But, this was only a temporary situation.

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It seems that the 777 Bullet clearomizers are of the variety that require a break-in period before they reveal their true performance profile. After the first tankful was gone, the second progressed better. By the third fill-up the clearo hit its stride.

Vapor production was very good, especially considering this is a small e-cigarette. Flavor reproduction also picked up a lot. I don’t think that I’d say this is one of the best cartos out there for bringing out the subtitles of flavoring, but it is more than competent.

As far as cartomizer issues beyond vapor production goes, I found nothing to really complain about.  There was no leaking from the clearomizers even after being stored for several days with e-liquid.  I don’t think I ever ran into gurgling issues, although I imagine if you are somewhat less than precise with the filling process, that may be a different story. Any clearomizer will gurgle if you pour e-liquid down the center tube.

In general, it seems to me that 777 has done a good job bridging the divide between basic e-cigarette and larger devices.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

777 bullet kit review end image

The Triple Seven Bullet starter kit is a reboot on the basic starter kit. While the battery isn’t much larger than a regular electronic cigarette battery, it has a respectable 320mAh capacity. The clearomizers used with this kit take a little time to hit their mark, but when they do, they are no slouches at performance. This is worth considering if you are in the need of a smaller device. You can purchase the Bullet at 777 eCigs.

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Reasonably priced
Sleek design
Good performance
High battery capacity


A little tricky to fill
Button is hard to find without looking
Flavor reproduction is moderate

Disclosure: I received this product for review. This article contains affiliate links

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