777 eCigs e-Hookah Review – It’s an actual hookah!

777 eCigs contacted me a while back and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their e-Hookah.  Figuring this was some sort of clever branding on an existing device, I replied asking if it was based on an eGo. The reply I received in return caught me off guard.  No, it’s an actual Hookah with two hoses and everything was the response.  This, I had to see, so the arrangements were made, and the e-Hookah review that follows is the result of that rather odd conversation.

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Product name 777 e-Hookah
Available from  777 eCigs
Price  $129.95
Threading Proprietary

What’s in the Box

 1  2200 mAh battery
 1  Hookah bowl
 2  Hoses
 1  Wall charger


777 e-Hookah Design

If you want the simple description of the e-Hookah here it is: It’s huge and just a little bit gaudy.

777 ecigs ehookah lightsNobody can accuse this as being a dressed up e-cigarette. It is a purpose-build electronic alternative to a Hookah.  The gaudy part comes from the topper, which is a plastic 777 logo that lights up with red LEDs when the e-hookah is vaped.

The e-Hookah mimics a hookah in design fairly closely. Starting from the bottom up is the glass bowl. Available in red or blue, it reminds me a bit of a flower vase. On top of that sits the body.

This part features a plastic cork-style stopper that fits atop the bowl. Protruding from the stopper is a tube which directs airflow over the water held in the bowl (I told you it really was a hookah). The body unit has two connectors for the hoses and a connector for the battery.

The hoses screw into the ports in the body and are a ribbed plastic material. At the end of the hoses are the cartomizer holders.  The hose ends are wood and open by pulling and twisting at the same time.

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ehookah cartomizer holderOnce open, the cartomizer connection is revealed. It looks like a 510 connector, but it is a proprietary thread size. The cartomizers are also proprietary. They essentially are your typical filler style cartomizer, but feature a specialized rubber stopper at the end. This fits into the cap of the hose end to allow the vapor to flow.

The tips of the hose ends are small metal tips that resemble drip tips but are likely pretty standard for Hookahs. Activation of 777’s new device is via a rubberized manual push button as opposed to an automatic battery.

On top of the body assembly is the 2200 mAh power plant. The battery is kind of a hockey puck shaped device that screws on to the body. An insert in the box cautions you not to over-tighten the battery.

There is a power port to plug in the included USB adapter. At the very top in the center is the port to plug in the light up 777 logo.  If you don’t want your hookah to resemble a slot machine, it works perfectly fine without the emblem. An LED inside the battery illuminates when the device is in use as well.

How the 777 e-Hookah Works

On the most basic level, function isn’t much different from a regular electronic cigarette.  Fill the cartomizer with one of the many flavors of eShisha 777 offers (or your favorite e-liquid from someplace else), push the button and vape.

Of course, that’s not that much fun.  Instead, you fill the bowl (I seriously want to keep calling it a vase) about half full with water. Set the body on the bottle and press down firmly to seal everything.

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So what happens then you ask. The hose not only delivers power to the cartomizer via wires run through it, it is also the source of airflow for the device.

When you take a puff, air is drawn from the top of the e-Hookah into the bowl and then through the tube delivering the vapor.

This action does two things.  First, the long travel distance and interaction with the water cools the air resulting in a very cool vapor.  Second, the action of the air being drawn over the body makes that cool bubbling sound that hookahs make.

Even though it’s not drawing the vapor itself over the water, the device does try to recreate the experience faithfully as possible.

Using the 777 e-Hookah

This is normally where I talk about vapor production and all that fun stuff. While it does a pretty good job with vapor, that’s not exactly the point. You may have also noticed by now I don’t know the first thing about hookahs. Couple that with the highly specialized use case and social aspect for the device, I decided it prudent to try something a little different.

using the 777 ehookahI drug this bad boy out to a recent vape meet.  Plop this thing up on the bar and you’re sure to draw some attention!

The 777 monstrosity certainly got a lot of curious looks and many questions. For some reason not everyone dared to take a puff on this thing. Mostly people were unsure about it.

Some brave souls did eventually step up to the bar and try a toot or two. Reaction was mostly positive. But what I was waiting for were some actual hookah users to stumble on this thing.

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Fortunately there were indeed a couple in attendance. Reaction from those people was also very positive, though as I suspected it wasn’t quite like the real thing. At least one person was beside herself with joy and presumably ran off to get her own.

Again, I think there is a very specific use case for this device, and only a few people will really have a need for one. Then again, how many people actually need 2 ProVaris?

My plan is to donate this one to the local vapers group so they can take it to functions and it can really be used for what its intended: a social vaping device.

Too Long; Didn’ Read

The 777 eCigs e-Hookah is about as close as you can get to a Hookah without having to use coals. It features two hoses for social vaping and a fairly robust 2200 mAh battery. This device is certainly not for everyone, but being the first production electronic hookah, I’m going to guess there’s a subset of the vaping population who will be excited by the notion.  If you’re one of those, head on over to 777 eCigs and grab one.


Readily available electronic Hookah
Performs well
Be the center of attention


Kind of gaudy
Proprietary cartomizers
Not for everyone

Disclosure: I recieved this item for review from 777 eCigs. This review features affiliate links

Steve K

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  • As an hookah user I feel that this seems to miss one of the major functions of an analog hookah. Without drawing the vapor through water (thereby cooling it), this really doesn’t do anything I can’t get by sharing mods with my friends.

  • Chris "Lilkilla" Van Note

    (06/11/13 - 7:51 pm)

    So is this a RN4081 connection or 510 or 808 or 901 ? I cant find the info anywhere ! This price dropped to $99 shipped for the Kit but i can see paying for their “Refills” @ $9.95 Plus I like my DCT tanks and i’m trying to figure if i can get some adapters and a couple extensions to make that work or if i am gonna have to try and make an extension out of a carto that they send ?

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