777 eCigs Magnum Line Review

Today, I’m going to attempt a trio of e-cigarettes from 777 eCig’s new Magnum lineup. The Magnum is the company’s new offering of eGo-style e-cigarettes that feature a bottom coil clearomizer and three different style of batteries.  I decided to roll all three into the same review because they are fairly similar, and I hope I can keep from confusing everyone.  If you’re ready, so am I. Let’s get this 777 eCigs Magnum review underway!

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777 magnum review three models Product name Magnum Series
Available from  777 eCigs
Price  $45.95 – $79.95
Threading 510/eGo
Clearomizer Bottom coil, replaceble heads

What’s in the Box

1 or 2*  batteries 777 magnum review in the box
 1  bottom coil clearomizer
 5  replacement heads
 1  USB charger
 1 wall adapter
* Deluxe kit

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777 eCigs Magnum Starter Kit Design

Triple Seven’s shiny new kits appear to be based on the Kanger EVOD batteries and clearomizers.  The kits each come with the same clearomizers and accessories and each is available in black or silver, but there are three variations on the included battery depending on the kit you buy.

  • The Compact is a standard no-frills 650 mAh battery
  • The Digital battery is similar to the standard but features an LCD display
  • The Volt has an adjustable voltage dial ranging from 3.2-4.8V

777 magnum review 3 stylesWhile the compact battery is the typical EVOD battery (see my review here), the other two varieties I haven’t seen before. All three build off the same basics of the compact battery, so that seems like as good a place to begin as any.

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Kanger’s take on the classic eGo e-cigarette is fairly minimalistic.  There’s no band around the button assembly as the button sits a little lower on the battery rather than directly below the battery connector.

The button is also curved to match the profile of the battery itself. It also features the signature Kanger LED light ring surrounding the button. Always a crowd pleaser.

In terms of battery connectors, the Magnum batteries are fully eGo-compatible, including cone threads, so pretty much any cartomizer you throw at them will fit.

Otherwise, the batteries just have a clean line with minimal distractions, other than the 777 logo that is silkscreened on each battery.

Magnum batteries (the non-variable voltage varieties anyway) are regulated at 3.7 volts, though they do have a power dip when the charge drops below that level.

Next up is the Digital version of the Magnum lineup. This battery gets its name from the small digital LCD screen situated horizontally toward the bottom of the battery.  The addition of the screen also adds some length to the battery, making it the tallest of the three.

777 magnum e-cigarette review battery size image

What you get for that height is a backlit display that shows the battery charge level using a little battery graph, and a puff count.  I’ve ranted about these before. I love the battery graph, but find the puff counter a nearly useless novelty.

There are situations where I’ve used a puff counter to measure how long a battery or a cartomizer lasts, but in general it’s just not a day-to-day thing for me.  I’d rather have a simple battery graph and a slightly smaller battery.

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Finally, there’s the Volt version of the Magnum kit.  This one is also tall, just a hair shorter than the Digital. The Magnum Volt works the same way as the Vision Spinner and Joye eGo Twist batteries.

The bottom of the e-cigarette is a dial. Simply turn the dial to your desired voltage between 3.2 and 4.8 volt.  There are markings on the battery to indicate voltage, which corresponds to a little arrow on the edge of the dial.

The markings on the battery are very easy to read (at least on the black version) but I found the white on chrome color scheme a little more difficult to see for the dial’s arrow icon.  I’d say it’s better than the eGo, but not as good as the Vision in terms of reading the voltage setting without feeling old.

If nothing else, this adds another option to the field of eGo style variable voltage batteries.  I’m a big fan of these, especially when using them for on-the-go devices when I don’t want to lug a big APV around with me.

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