777 eCigs Magnum Line Review

777 Magnum Clearomizers

777 magnum clearomizer and heads

Still with me?  Good, I want to briefly cover the clearomizers before moving along to page 2 and the use section.

For those not familiar with Kanger EVOD clearomizers, these are replaceable head, bottom coil clearomizers. Each one features a clear tube covered by an outer aluminum jacket with slots for liquid level viewing.

The heads feature a coil assembly with very short wicks covered by a stem surrounded by a silicone gasket.  The gasket seals everything up when the clearomizer is closed, while the stem inserts into a tube in the body of the clearomizer to move the vapor to the mouthpiece.

Each kit comes with 5 replacement heads which should keep you going for a good bit of time.

It’s a good time to mention the mouthpiece. Like most bottom-coil tanks these days, the mouthpiece is fixed meaning you can’t use your own drip tip with this one.  The tip itself is clear plastic and is pretty comfortable to use, so it isn’t a bad choice for a mouthpiece.

Ok, so those of you familiar with the EVOD tanks, here’s something for you.  This version features an unusually long stem instead of the one that’s just long enough to reach the tube inside the clearomizer.  I’m not sure if any other tweaks have been made to the heads, but they seem to work well enough.

Using the 777 Magnum

Even though there are three Magnum e-cigarettes, I’ll only be referencing two.  The output and, therefore, performance of the compact and digital are identical so I’ll reference them as a single unit.  The variable voltage battery is different enough to warrant its own digital ink, naturally.

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First, the tanks since they are sort of a common denominator. Filling bottom coil tanks is generally pretty easy.  There’s no oddball filling methods or syringes required like there are in other technologies.

777 magnum clearomizers tube imageThese tanks are slightly trickier to fill. This is because there is a fair bit of space between the bottom of the tank and where the inner tube ends. Filling the tank with e-liquid without dripping it down the center tube is kind of tricky.  I suggest a finer tipped bottle and tilting the clearomizer to minimize that action.

It’s also fairly easy to overfill the tanks because of this gap.  One note, if you stick with 777’s line of e-liquids, they come with a cool angle-tipped dropper that makes filling these things pretty easy.

Now that the tank is filled up, let’s strap it on one of the  batteries and fire it up.

Like most bottom-coil batteries, Triple Seven’s produces a slightly cooler vapor.  That extra inch of travel seems to make all the difference in vapor temperature.

This is especially true on the fixed voltage batteries.  Cranking up the voltage on the Volt version will get you warmer vapor, however it’s still not going to be what I consider hot.

777 magnum ecig kit volt versionThat’s not to say the vapor is in any way inferior.  I got pretty decent clouds, even out of the basic version of the Magnum. Naturally, turning up the heat with the vari-volt version does kick out some more vapor. To a degree.

I found that the capability of the Volt battery exceeded the tolerance of the Magnum clearomizer.  After you hit about 4.4 volt on the dial, the wicks have a hard time keeping up with the heat.  If you take your time between puffs, but for me, I had to dial things down just a little. Occasional puffs without hitting the battery helps to keep things wicking as well.

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In general, I found these to be pretty solid kits, and kudos to 777 for getting the jump on two new styles of Kanger batteries for these kits.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

777 magnum review tldr

The 777 Magnum line of eGo-style kits appear to be made by Kanger and feature three different varieties: a standard battery, a digital readout battery and a Twist-style variable voltage unit.  The variable voltage model worked well, though it could exceed the capabilities of the included bottom coil clearomizers. You can pick one of these up at Triple Seven’s website.


  • Good vapor production
  • Attractive design
  • 5 included replacement heads
  • Choice of battery styles


  • 777 Logos take away from the design of the battery
  • Clearomizers can’t handle full voltage of Volt model
  • Can be tricky to fill

Disclosure: I received these kits from 777 for review. This review features affiliate links.

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