777 ecigs review triple seven starter kit

777 eCigs Starter Kit Review

777 (Or Triple Seven) eCigs is another entrant in the traditional electronic cigarette space. The company offers a variety of starter kits, disposables, and e-liquid. They sent me a sampling of some of their products so we’re going to do a quick Triple Seven eCigs starter kit review to find out if this company will be able to stand up in the market.

777 ecigs review triple seven starter kit

What’s in the box

777 offers a variety of different starter kits starting with a basic kit that includes one battery all way up to one of those deluxe kits that contains just about everything you can think of (visit their site for more details). I have an example of their standard starter kits included in that kit:

  • Two batteries (user choice of style and action)
  • USB charging cable
  • AC adapter
  • Car adapter
  • Two five packs of cartomizers (choice of flavors and strengths for each pack)
  • Instruction manual

E-cigarette Choices

I’ve done a bunch of these reviews in the past of this kind of e-cigarette. So I’m going to kind of skip over the nitty-gritty tech details in this case and just talk about the product and more general terms. For those of you that like the technical details note that this is a KR808D-1 style set up.

777 e-cigarette battery choicesTriple seven offers a fairly good amount of writing customization and their kits and gear. They offer three different battery sizes and each batter a sizes available on either automatic or manual activation. Batteries are also available in a rainbow of colors including stainless steel which is a fairly sharp-looking device.

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When purchasing a can you can mix and match the battery styles. Not all places let you do that so I really like to see that in a vendor.

Another nice thing about 777 is that instead of gray plastic tips they have clear kind of crystal tips. I’ve seen these kind of tips before but this might be the first place I’ve seen where the tips are flush mounted. It’s about the only traditional e-cigarette I can stand on end on the table.

Thankfully, for the most part the LED colors are not your basic orange or red, they are available in colors like blue or green or white depending on the battery color. The company also offers a new line of year targeted strictly to women available with all kinds of frilly rhinestones and fashion colors. Even the cartomizer boxes are pink.

The cartomizers included are pretty standard fare for this type of device. They have around 16 different flavors and you can also buy each flavor separately in e-liquid form if you want to refill your cartomizers and save a few bucks. Sadly the disposable electronic cigarette versions are only available in traditional, menthol and coffee.


Once again, I’m going to refrain from getting overly technical when talking about performance. The batteries are fairly well put together have a decent heft to them. I did find that the automatic battery that came with the kit was a little more difficult to activate I had to puff kinda hard on it to get it going.

777 ecigs diamond tip batteryTo be honest I tend to have an affinity to manual batteries so I did not spend a whole lot of time with the automatic. The Manual battery performed as I expected and the button has a good action.

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As I mentioned there are three sizes of batteries available for you to select. I don’t have the exact capacity ratings but they are  fairly typical for this kind of e-cigarette. I have the medium version and the XL version and I get around an hour with a medium one and about a couple of hours with the XL.

Keep in mind, im an exceptionally heavy vaper. Moderate or light users can expect a lot more use from your typical e-cigarette.

The technical style of battery and cartomizer the 777 ecigs is a very popular design among many companies. There’s a reason for that; 808s are some of the better performers as far as traditional electronic cigarette go. Triples seven’s gear performed as I’d expect, that is to say pretty well. While I’m not a big fan of traditional tobacco, the flavor production was pretty good, fortunately I also had coffee flavor cartomizers which weren’t too bad at all. There was a good amount of vaper produced by these devices as well.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

777 ecigs review end image

777 makes a pretty decent e-cigarette kit. Their strong suit is their selection and customization of the kits, and there are flush mount jewel tips are pretty cool. In general it’s a competent e-cigarettes and the fact they sell e-liquid is a plus. I’m not a huge fan of automatic batteries in general and didn’t like the automatic that came with a kit at all. You might want to stick with manual batteries on this one. Check out Triple Seven’s website for options.


  • Decent performance
  • Wide selection
  • Cool flush mounted tips
  • Flavor sold as e-liquid
  • Starter kits can be customized
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  • Automatic battery not very responsive
  • Light color depends on battery color
  • Cartomizers not available in colors


Product: 777 Standard Starter Kit
Available From: 777 eCigs
Price: $59.95
Threading: KR808D-1

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  • Any specific way to tell what color LED you get? I looked on the site but couldn't find a way to tell which batteries have what color. I'm more interested in a black battery with white LED.

    • I couldn't tell either, which is why I thought it was a bit of a crap shoot. I'm sure if you emailed their CS they'd be able to tell you for certain.

      • They told me that the black colored batteries are the only ones that have the white LEDs. I placed my order and it already shipped. I'll give an update once my package arrives

  • Doesn’t seem like too bad of a company with all the different options. Of course that is if you’re wanting stick style batteries. I prefer the bigger mods and moved from stick batteries about a month into it and a couple hundred dollars later :)

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