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777 eCigs Triple Seven Disposable eCig Review

Ah, the disposable e-cigarette. It seems like not too long ago, there weren’t a whole lot of options out there.  Now it seems that just about every e-cigarette brand is trying to get a disposable version of their product on store shelves.  It makes sense, it’s a good way to get potential new customers to try your product without committing to purchasing an entire kit. This latest entry comes from 777 eCigs let’s take a look at the Triple Seven eCigs disposable and see how it stacks up.

777 Disposable ecig Review title image



I previously reviewed 777’s regular starter kit and thought it was a decent enough kit. Sometimes, disposables aren’t quite the same in terms of experience as the full kits.  There’s been a couple of cases where I liked the disposables better than the kits.  These disposables aren’t necessarily better or worse than the full kit, but they are a little different.

The throwaway (ok recycle these don’t throw them out) ecig is, like many disposables, slightly larger than the rechargeable version. It also features a blue LED which I always prefer to red or orange lights.  There is one notable feature with this e-cigarette that is unique not just to 777, but fairly uncommon.

777 Disposable ecig Review squishy

It’s squishy.

A couple of brands have played with this technology (if you could call it that), but this is the first one I’ve used.  Rather than the filter end of the e-cigarette being made of a rigid material like metal or hard plastic, it’s made of a soft flexible plastic.

This allows the end where the filter would be in a traditional cigarette to give when squeezed, just like an analog cigarette. The theory being that it makes the device all that much closer to an old-fashioned cigarette.

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For me, it makes the disposable e-cigarette comfortable to hold between my teeth.  I was wandering around all day like Clint Eastwood in one of those old spaghetti westerns. I found the experience oddly satisfying.

One word of caution, if you clamp down too hard on the end, the silicone rubber end cap will pop out. This would be especially bad if you had the ecig in your mouth at the time.

The flexible plastic runs the entire length of the disposable.  There is a bit of give around the battery portion, but obviously not that much since batteries are still rigid and all.

While it’s not quite the rubberized finish of the Vaepe disposable,  the combination of the pliable outer shell and a matte finish on the e-cigarette itself provides a pretty comfortable feeling device to hold.  It doesn’t feel like it will slip out of your hands, and it’s just a little easier holding something with a slight amount of give.

Using the 777 Disposable

The actual function of Triple Seven’s disposable is pretty uneventful.  The draw isn’t too airy and the automatic battery circuit is responsive to puffing. There’s no need to take a primer puff to get things started. I still take a primer puff before my regular puff with all automatics because I feel that it provides better vapor production.

777 ecigs Disposable Review package imageVapor production is fairly decent.  Certainly good for a disposable, though not as robust as the specialized personal vaporizers designed to maximize vapor.  The vapor comes out slightly warm which gives it a generally good mouth feel.

Flavors available in the disposable model are limited to coffee, regular and menthol.  That’s one more flavor than many disposables, though I’d really like to see other flavors offered by these companies. I tried the “medium” strength regular tobacco.

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The flavor was fairly well-rounded and mellow.  I didn’t pick up any particularly overbearing flavors that I often taste in straight up tobaccos.  There were some definite caramel flavors in there but not too much.

While the flavor wasn’t over the top, it was still there.  Some disposables compensate for customers’ taste preferences by going a little light on the flavor so as not to offend anyone.  That didn’t seem like the case here, the flavor levels seemed on-par with the rest of the company’s lineup.

I did find throat hit to be slightly on the light side of things.  However, that might be a result of the nicotine level being a little lower in the medium variety.  A high nicotine disposable would probably fare better.

As far as battery life, the 777 disposable e-cigarette did alright.  Unlike my usual custom I didn’t sit at my desk and puff at it till it cried for mercy a couple of hours later.  I took more of a causal approach and brought it out with me on some outings.

Using the device a little more casually, I found that it stayed with me through the morning all the way through my trip to the zoo.  I’d say I probably hit around 5-6 hours of casual use with it. It’s still going, but I can tell the liquid in the built-in cartomizer is starting to run low.  I’m still guessing that if I just powered through the thing like I usually do, it would probably go 2-3 hours of heavy use.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

777 ecigs disposable end image

777 eCigs Disposable e-Cigarettes are squishy. What more do I need to say?  These are fairly decent examples of disposables with a flavor that isn’t ratcheted too far down and not overpowering.  Performance is spot on for a disposable and the black with blue LED color scheme make it a look a little nicer than typical disposables.  If you can’t find them in a local store, hit up 777’s site to pick one up.

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  • Squishy!
  • Decent performance
  • Good looks
  • Decent flavor


  • Throat hit a little low
  • Only menthol, regular and coffee


Product Name: 777 eCigs disposables
Available From: Local retailers and 777 eCigs
Price: $7.95
Flavors: Coffee, Classic or Menthol
Strength: Medium or High

Disclosure: This product was provided for review purposes, I feature affiliate links for 777 ecigs.

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