A look at Vapourlites

Using the Vapourlites e-Cigarettes

In the interest of full transparency, I wasn’t able to spend as much time using these e-cigarettes as I’d like to.  The kit came with only one cartomizer and the disposable was menthol; not a personal favorite of mine.

vapourlites starter kitThe rechargeable kit’s sole cartomizer came in a generic tobacco flavor. I can’t say I’m in love with it, but it also wasn’t overtly offensive.  It was just a basic kind of flavor with perhaps a little too much sweetness.  Fortunately, the company also sells other flavors if you’re not big into tobacco.

Both models had a smooth draw to them and didn’t require a heavy puff to activate the automatic switches. The disposable had the lighter draw of the two, possibly because it had a larger air hole in the filter end.

Another note, the disposable is very easy to use hands-free because its light and easy to grip between one’s teeth thanks to the pliable end.

As far as vapor production goes, I think the disposable once again edged out the traditional two-piece e-cigarette.  Neither was a slouch, both producing good vapor for traditional e-cigarettes, but the disposable just seemed to put out a little more vapor. Unfortunately, comparing things like throat hit is a little unfair because the disposable was menthol and a higher nicotine level, both of which increase throat hit.

I think if I had to sum up these Vapourlites e-cigarettes I’d say they were competent, but not groundbreaking. Simply a good, solid and basic e-cigarette kit.

Perhaps the disposable is a little above that standard, especially compared to other disposables. Since I’m not a big menthol fan, I can’t say exactly how well it holds up against the NJoy King, the current darling of the disposable world, but I have a feeling it would be able to hold its own against it.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

vapourlites tldr

Vapourlites e-cigarettes are well-built mainstream e-cigarettes. While there’s nothing out of the ordinary about them, they have a solid feel and show they are decently produced. The disposable is my favorite of the two and is probably one of the better disposables I tried. Bonus points for there being no red LEDs at the ends of these things.  If you are on the UK side of the Atlantic, you can grab some at a local pharmacy or Vapourlites.com


  • Decent performance
  • Good construction
  • Very similar to cigarettes, especially the disposable
  • No red LEDs


  • Fairly middle-of-the-Road
  • Skip the basic kits, go for the better equipped versions
  • Generic tobacco flavor

Disclosure: I received these e-cigarettes from Vapourlites for review.

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