Top 5 e-cigarette reviews

A Look Back: Top 5 Most Overlooked eCig Articles of the Past Year

Top 5 e-cigarette reviews

Recently this site celebrated a milestone.  One year of e-cigarette reviews, news and general nonsense survived!  As a continuation of that celebration, I thought I’d look back on some of the reviews I’ve written in the past.

I’m not going to do a greatest hits type post this time.  Rather I’m going to do a “greatest misses.”

Looking back over the past year’s posts, there’s a few that seemed to not get a lot of traction.  Some of them I even tried to gently encourage people to read with no luck.

I figured why not drag them back out one last time for a final shot of glory before they ride off in the sunset.

Here I present the top 5 most overlooked eCig reviews of the past year.


5. Revolution Vapor e-Cigarettes

Revolution puts out a somewhat standard KR808D-1 based traditional style e-cigarette.  I thought that their gear was pretty attractive.  I even featured this post a few times, but it never quite took off.

I ran this review when the company first started and they had a modest selection of products and e-liquid. The company has since expanded their offerings, especially in e-liquid and might be worth a look.


4. Smoke Stik

This entry is kind of odd.  To be honest, it wasn’t exactly a glowing review of the company’s products. I sort of feel bad.  I’ve actually done two reviews of their products.

The reason I feel bad is not so much that I was honest in my reviews, but rather the method in which I acquired the products.  Both times I won these kits in random drawings.  Here I had amazing luck, and I thank them by giving lukewarm reviews.

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3. The DoD

The Drip on Demand is a very bizarre looking device.  I think I compared it to some sort of drug paraphernalia. The idea is you put it on your atomizer and through the magic of physics, it automatically drips liquid from the attached bottle to keep your atomizer topped off.

Now days the DoD is still going strong, and the company offers their gadgets with pretty awesome hand painted designs.


2. Tiny Tony

The Tiny Tony is a little stealth mod that’s built from a lighter.  It’s an excellent little device for low-key vaping on the go.  It’s not the most durable thing in the world, but it is inexpensive.

This one is sort of contest related.  I won a box mod from the same company which I wasn’t particularly fond of.  I took the chance and purchased the Tiny Tony and at that one got a much better review.


1. Innokin AIO Charging Case

innokin aio reviewInnokin’s AIO charging case is an interesting device.  It has a friction mount, so it can charge any standard e-cigarette with the same type of threading (male or female) regardless of the actual thread pattern.  It also has an external port so you can charge your phone with the case.

I think the big reason this one didn’t take off is a matter of timing.  Innokin sent me the case months before it was available at retail.  Since nobody could buy one at the time, it was sort of like an imaginary product.


Honorable Mention: Vapor Alley’s Copper Mod

This review was actually fairly popular for its time.  I put it on this list because, sadly, the copper is no longer with us. Once one of the premier mods, the funky and rugged Copper is now but a fond memory.

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I’m going to guess part of the reason for its demise is the Copper’s unfortunate appearance when held up in the light of the e-cigarette explosion news that came out around the time of the mod’s disappearance from the market.


There you have it, a brief tour of the obscure corners of Steve K’s Vaping World.  This site is sort of huge, it even surprises me how much stuff has been written over the past year.  If you ever have a few hours to kill, browse through the sections in the menu above.  Who knows, maybe you might find the next forgotten gem!

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