Ethics and Transparency Statement

This blog was created as an outlet to talk about, and hopefully enter into meaningful discussion with others, about the experiences of vaping. I’m not here to try and sell you a bunch of worthless crap or incite flame wars for the purpose of driving page views. With that in mind, here is my philosophy of things and how I intend to run this show.

In an attempt to subsidize both the time invested in this site as well as my own e-cigarette habit, this site utilizes advertising banners, affiliate links, and automated advertising mechanisms such as Google’s AdSense.   I have made efforts to be selective in the affilate programs I have signed up for.

I use affiliate links within actual articles.  However, at no point will I interject affiliate links within an article that are not somehow relevant to the content.  Additionally, I will NOT write posts specifically crafted around such links.  I also will not alter my viewpoints when it may become necessary to be critical of the products or services in which I might have a potential profit interest.

In addition to explicitly added affiliate links, I may also use a third-party service to optimize affiliate links.  This service will automatically convert regular links to affiliate links.  Links are selected based on that service’s own algorithms and is not controlled by me.

Most articles will contain a mix of both unsolicited links and referral links.   In some cases a referral link may go to a different vendor than the one from which the reviewed item was acquired (for example, in a review of a specific product exclusive to a certain vendor, I linked to another vendor when mentioning generic CE2 cartomizers and eGo batteries.)

Display ads are brokered by eCig Media, an ad agency focused on the e-cigarette media.

Review Policy
I’m not the Wall Street Journal or Consumer Reports here.  I don’t exactly have a budget to purchase stuff to review.  Therefore, I will pretty much review whatever I happen to have available to me at the time.  Generally this is a mix of stuff I buy for my own use or products provided to me by third parties for review purposes.

In the event a company wants to give me a sample of something, I will take it with gratitude.  However, that doesn’t that I will give something a glowing review just because I got it for free. All reviews are my opinion of the product and are unbiased. I typically highlight both the good and bad aspects of a given product, including those which may be completely subjective on my part.

Merchants providing review samples should note, I generally schedule reviews in the order I receive the samples. In some cases this could mean delays of several weeks (or more during busy times). I encourage merchants to send products they feel best showcase their offerings.

In the event multiple products are shipped, I may or may not cover all products received. Multiple products may be covered by one or more subsequent reviews (with a delay between each review). Upon completion of the review I will return non-consumable items to merchants upon request. Otherwise, I may donate the items to local vaping groups or otherwise “pay it forward” when possible. Some items may be retained for future reference, or in some cases, disposed of.

I pride myself on providing even-handed overviews to my experience with a given product. Products will be regarded objectively for better or worse no matter their origin.  I try to write about as wide a range of products as possible.  There are a lot of different kinds of e-Cigarettes out there, and I feel that no one is necessarily better than another by default, but rather different people prefer different things.

Comment Moderation
I allow comments on my posts without initial approval.  However, I reserve the right to remove posts pretty much with wild abandon.  I try to be cool about such things and won’t moderate you out of existence simply for disagreeing with me, but this isn’t speaker’s corner, if you’re acting like a jackass, I will pull your comments.  There are plenty of other places to enjoy your rights of free speech.  Spam and comments linking to sites that have no bearing on the conversation will be promptly tossed out.

Social Media and Other Promotional Tools
I do participate in social media outlets such as Twitter as well as message forums like ECF.  I may post links to articles to help promote this site in addition to general interest items.

You’re Still Here?
You actually read this whole thing?  I’m impressed, good on ya!

(Last update: October 14, 2013)