Guest Appearances

I’ve been making the rounds spreading the word about electronic cigarettes to other places in the e-cigarette community and even more general audiences.  Below you’ll find a listing of all the appearances I’ve done and guest articles I’ve written for other sites.


Vaper’s Place Live

I was an on-air guest (click to listen) on the internet radio show Click, Bang! Where we discussed the controversy surrounding a Marriott hotel charging a guest a $250 for using an e-cigarette.


Vapor4Life Blog

I did a guest post writing about how I got into vaping and what led me to start this site.


Flesh Eating Zipper

FEZ is a general technology and pop culture site with an edgy humor to it.  I wrote a guest piece going into the details of e-cigarette technology with comedy relief from one of their senior writers.


E Cigarette Direct

After reading my reviews, the people over at UK seller E Cigarette Direct let me write a detailed guide to using and filling their new tank-based electronic cigarette.


Ashtray Blog

The Ashtray Blog published a list of the 10 best electronic cigarette blogs, you may recognize a few favorites including this site!  You’re also invited to add your own favorites as well!
I was also allowed to join the ranks of some of the fantastic guest posters James has a knack for attracting with a post I wrote on Consumer Activisim.



You can see me regularly posting news updates on VapeTV’s site



Tuc was kind enough to feature my profile in the Modding Mavericks section of the site.



Pup had me on to talk about the site on his Dog Pound show.