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If you enjoy pre-filled cartomizers from major e-cigarette brands like V2, nJoy and blu, you know that buying e cartridges can get expensive.  One company has started specializing in e-cigarette refills specifically for the big brand e-cigarette companies.  The Magic Mist offers e cartridges for most major brands for quite a bit less than buying direct.  Of course for that to work the e-cigarette refills should actually taste good and work well.  Read the rest of this Magic Mist review and see if their e-cigarette refills are worth it!

e cartridge e-cigarette refill cartridge sealed image
Each e cartridge is sealed

The Magic Mist has an interesting take on the mass market e-cigarette.  Rather than competing with big brands like V2 Cigs, blu Cigs and Greensmoke directly.  They’ve taken a slightly different approach.  The Magic Mist sells aftermarket e-cigarette refills for the big-name e-cigarettes.

The concept is pretty simple.  Many of the big retail outfits charge a hefty premium for their e cartridges.  Magic Mist sells 5-packs of pre-filled replacement cartomizers for quite a bit less than what the major companies sell their replacements.

Granted, you could always buy blanks and fill them yourself, but I see a market for this product as well.  Some people, especially new users, are a little intimidated and want as simple an experience as possible.  Others know how to do it, but still prefer pre-filled cartomizers.

Simplicity is clearly the idea here as there are only two flavor options, regular and menthol.  Of course the cartridges are available in different nicotine strengths.  The company says that it will eventually expand flavor offerings but is focusing on compatibility with as many mainstream e-cigarettes as possible.

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e cartridge review e-cigarette refill for V2 cigs
Refill Cartridge on a V2 Cigs battery

The company sent me a 5 pack of their 18mg Vertigo (V2 compatible) tobacco refills to test out.  I’m not a huge fan of generic tobacco, but I found the flavor to be pleasant and not overly nutty.   Throat hit was a little bit on the mellow side.  Most likely this is because they use a fairly high amount of vegetable glycerine in their liquid.

Vapor was also very thick which indicates that the mix contains quite a bit of VG.  The other interesting thing about these is that the vapor is quite warm.  I cut open one of the cartridges to find out why.  The cartridges have a unique design which puts the heating coils closer to the mouthpiece end of the cartomizer.

All told, the refill cartridges performed very well, certainly as good or better than their more expensive big brand counterparts.  If you have one of the supported brands (or a generic e-cigarette that uses the same thread pattern) it may be worthwhile to go pick some up for yourself.  You can also use the code “TasteTheMagic” to get 15% off your order (coupon is one time use per customer).

[Update: The company recently announced a referral program where customers can earn free e-cigarette refill cartridges when they refer a friend.  Details are available at the company’s website. -sk]

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Product: e-cigarette refill e cartridges
Buy them at: The Magic Mist
Price: From 7.99/5-pack of e cartridges (get 15% off, one per customer, with discount code “TasteTheMagic”)
The company has added many compatible e-cigarette brands since I wrote this review.  They support most brands and offer a product finder on their page.

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Updated: refreshed the post to include new information and clarify the product description

Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for The Magic Mist and received this product at no charge for the purposes of this review.

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