Amazingly Versatile: Augvape Templar RDA [Review]

Writing reviews for rebuildable atomizers (RDAs) can be a bit tricky.  RDAs tend to be fairly simple devices, so there’s not a whole lot of features to point out.  Augvape’s Templar RDA is an exception to that review as there’s tons of neat little touches to review after the jump!

Disclosure: I received this product for review from Augvape.  This review contains affiliate links.

Augvape Templar RDA Features and Specs

  • Available in silver or anodized black
  • Wide-bore drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Additional bullet-style cover
  • Gold plated velocity “clamp” build deck
  • Includes solid and “squonker” pin
  • 3-step airflow control 

Augvape Templar RDA Review

Augvape is fairly new to the market and is producing some compelling products like the V200 mod I recently reviewed.  I recently got my hands on the Templar RDA and I am happy to say that this little rebuildable has the same attention to detail, without the novelty aspect of the vaporizer.

On the surface, the Templar looks like just another small form factor rebuildable atomizer.  That was my initial impression at least.  I slapped a couple of coils in there and tested it out right away. 

The process of mounting the coils in the Templar RBA were a clue that there may be more than meets the eye to this device.  It features what it calls a velocity-style clamp.

In the rebuildable atomizer world, a velocity build deck has two posts each with two holes to make adding dual coils into the device easy.  Each post has a screw of some type to keep the coils in place.

Where Augvape’s system is a little different is the build deck is setup as a clamp with a single screw on the top.  There are still two spaces on each side to easily mount two coils.

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The holes on the posts of the clamp are very generous and then a single screw (that isn’t crazy tiny) bolts the whole thing together.  The system is awesome to work with and I don’t have to worry about losing tiny little screws.

With coils installed in a surprisingly short amount of time, I added cotton which was also very simple thanks to the generous size of the build deck.

I slid on the rest of the Templar RDA’s body and with the cotton sufficiently saturated did some vaping.  I started off with lower wattage, around 30 and worked my way up to about 130 watts using the V200 mod.

The templar did surprising well even at the lower watts.  I found the optimal setting to be around 100 watts with the air vents in the fully opened position.  You can twist the body to put the vents in one of three positions.  The vents are high enough that there’s no risk of liquid oozing out of the holes if you go a bit too crazy.

There was one issue.  I was getting major cloud action, but I was also burning my lips.  I’m not a big fan of burning myself, so I sort of decided maybe the Templar wasn’t so great all things considered.

I then remembered that the Augvape RDA came with what they called a bullet cover.  It’s basically a transparent piece made of heavy plastic that replaces the top part of the body.  That was a game changer.

Augvape Templar RDA Review detail of plastic bullet cover

No matter how many watts I threw at the templar, the bullet cover didn’t get hot enough to be painful.  That plastic part also had the advantage of making it easy to see the condition of the cotton for easy refilling.

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The negative part about the bullet is that it has fixed air-holes which are angled down toward the coil.  They work well, but no adjustment here.  In addition they are a bit lower than the air-holes in the metal body so it is possible to get the Templar to leak in this configuration.

I vaped contentedly for quite some time, although it did feel a bit weird not having a drip tip.  Still I kept on with it not really thinking about it.

Looking through the little baggie of assorted gaskets and spare parts, I noticed a little weird hat-shaped piece in with the hollow battery post you can use if you have a squonker.  Eventually I figured out that was a 510 drip tip adapter for the Templar’s metal housing.  Now we’re on to something!

Fitted with a long wide-bore 510 tip, this turned into a much different vaporizer.  Now those of you who are into throwing huge clouds are probably laughing at me, but I’m quite content with the setup as it is.

That’s the real beauty about the Augvape Templar RDA.  It’s a high-quality device that offers great performance and several configurations.  This atomizer is sure to please both cloud chasers and more casual vapers alike. 

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