APV Shootout Round 2: ZMAX vs. the Vapor Shark DNA 20

zmax vs vapor shark

Welcome vaping fans to round two of the great APV Showdown of 2014!

Our week 2 matchup has the number 2 Vapor Shark DNA 20 up against the veteran ZMAX.  Since there are several ZMAX variants out there, pick whichever one you like best.

The Vapor Shark DNA 20 is a relative newcomer to the vaping scene. It is a compact box-style advanced personal vaporizer featuring the very advanced DNA 20 controller from Evolv.  The Shark is a highly refined device with a beautiful build quality. To find out more check out Vapor Shark’s website.

Both Sigelei and Smok make a variant of the ZMAX.  I reviewed the former version, which you can read here.  The ZMAX is a tube-style device featuring a beautiful OLED display screen and variable wattage.

Without further delay, cast your vote below.

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