APV Shootout, week 1: ProVari vs. eGo-Style VV

Welcome to voting for the first bout of our tournament to crown the champion of advanced e-cigarettes.    As it often happens, the first game of a tournament will either be a walkaway victory for the top seeded competitor, or the beginnings of an amazing Cinderella story.  Which advanced personal vaporizer makes it to the semi-finals is entirely up to you.

For more information and to see the bracket matchups, go check out the introduction post.

provari vs vv ego

Simply cast your vote for one of these favorite APVs, whichever one gets the most votes will move on to the semi-final round.  A special note for this match-up.  There are tons of variable voltage eGo devices on the market. If you vote for the eGo option, just imagine it’s specifically your favorite model you’re voting for!

The polls will remain open until January 17th at midnight. Check back here after then to see the results, and don’t forget to come back and vote in the next match up too. If you want to trash talk the other team, the comments section are open (but, please try to be a little civil.)


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