APV Shootout: Will YOUR Favorite Be the Best Advanced eCig?

It’s a question that has been on the minds for many: What IS the best advanced personal vaporizer? Sure, I can tell you what my favorite is, but there’s a hundred other people that would disagree with me. So, I figured why not let you, my readers fight it out to see who reigns supreme in the advanced e-cigarette category.

To that end, I propose we have a shoot out, NCAA tournament style!

I solicited opinions on Twitter as to what was the best advanced e-cigarette device on the market. As I expected, I got quite a few responses.  Thorough a completely arbitrary process, I narrowed the field down to the top 8 and seeded them according to however the heck I felt like.

Now the fun begins.  Each Saturday, I’ll announce the winner of the previous round and start the next match-up.  Just like March Madness, the top teams will play the bottom teams, so expect a couple blood baths.

best apv round 3

Week 2 update: Again, no big surprises here as the Vapor Shark made pretty easy work of the old-school ZMAX, even one that has an OLED screen.  Week 3 promises to be much more interesting as it pits Innokin’s two variable voltage/wattage box mods, the VTR and the MVP. Polling opens Saturday at noon.

Week 1 update: As expected the ProVari mopped the floor with the bottom-seed contender.  At first it looked like we might have a match in our hands with the eGo team pulling up into an early lead.  That was short lived as the venerable heavyweight champ of vaping finished strong.

This week’s matchup will be game “C” on the bracket chart.  We’ll see the number 2 Vapor Shark take on the number 7 ZMAX.  Since there are a few variants of the ZMAX, it can be whichever one you like.  Will we see an upset this time? Voting begins Saturday at Noon eastern, so stay tuned vaping fans!

Click here to vote in round 2

So, how do we pick the winners? Each week there will be a new poll and you’ll have the week to vote for your favorites (or against the stuff you hate). Simple enough, right?

Here’s the contestants:

  1. ProVari
  2. Vapor Shark
  3. Cyborg
  4. MVP (2.0)
  5. VTR
  6. SVD
  7. ZMAX
  8. VV eGo (any model/manufacturer)

The first battle for bragging rights is between the godfather of APVs, the ProVari and every kind of eGo-style variable voltage APV. If you’re ready, go vote in the first match-up! Come back here next week for the results and the next bout!

Steve K

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