Aquacig e-Cigarette Starter Kit Review – Blue LEDs and a Spare Charger

Open the textured, carbon fiber style case, pop a cartridge on the black battery and puff away gently as the blue LED lights the tip of the Aquacig e-cigarette. That’s the image that Aquacigs wants to portray with their line of traditional-style e-cigarettes. We’ll take a look at the offerings from this company and decide if there’s some cool to that blue glow or not.

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aquacig review Product name Aquacig e-Cigarette Starter Kit
Available from Aquacig
Price  $19.95 – 39.95
Threading 510
Who’s it for Beginners
Competing Products V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image


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Aquacig Design

Aquacig offers traditional-style e-cigarettes. They’re fairly typical of what you would expect in the market, slightly longer than a traditional cigarette.  The e-cigarettes are available with black or white batteries.

aquacig review basic kit carbon fiber caseThere is no manual button option available on these 510 threaded batteries. The cartomizers are fairly typical holding about 1ml of e-liquid in one of several flavors. The ends feature hard plastic caps, making the cartridges not easily refillable.

One plus about the Aquacig line, besides the compatibility of 510 threading, it the LED tips glow blue instead of orange or red.  I just have a personal bias against e-cigarette lights that make them look like actual cigarettes. If all standard e-cigs glowed in colors other than red, pinheads wouldn’t be able to argue that it might confuse people.

The other thing I like about this brand is the thought they’ve put into packaging their starter kits.  They have everything from the simple and inexpensive single battery kit that comes in a really nice simulated carbon fiber clamshell travel case all the way up to their deluxe kit.  The deluxe kit comes with what you’d expect, a couple of batteries, a pack of five cartomizers and two chargers.  Both kits are reasonably priced for this type of starter kit.

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Just about every kit I’ve seen including the $100 + versions include only one charger. This one comes with both a compact charger and a dongle-style (with a wire separating the charger and the USB connector.) I think this is especially nice because I’m a big proponent of having a spare of everything, but nobody ever gives you a spare charger.

Using the Aquacig e-Cigarette

The kit is again pretty standard fare, and performance isn’t going to be called a breakout by any means.  It’s competent, but not impressive. I find this to be the case with 510 style e-cigarettes. While there are more accessories for this style, I find they are outperformed by 808 kits, mostly because the 808 tends to have a higher battery output.

aquacig e-cigarette reviewI’m pretty sure the vapor situation isn’t helped by the high resistance of the cartomizers. They come in at over 3 ohm. Again, this is typical for traditional e-cigarettes, but it sort of hurts in the vapor production department.

Sometimes I get bored while writing reviews (this is in general, not because of this specific brand or anything.) That happened to me here, so I decided to see what happened if I took one of these cartomizers and slapped it on my iTaste MVP 2 at 10 watts.

Turns out it’s actually a pretty darn good cartomizer.  This thing produced a ton of vapor. Very warm vapor at that. I’m impressed. Of course, there’s no way the included batteries will get this thing anywhere near 10 watts of power. It was a fun experiment anyway.

The cartridges themselves aren’t bad.  The included tobacco flavor is mild and not overpowering. In addition to the tobacco and menthol offerings, they also carry a cherry flavor which I really found myself enjoying.

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Many times when an e-cigarette company tries to do cherry, it ends up as a really sweet candy flavor. More like a cough drop than anything.  Aquacig’s cherry is actually a cherry tobacco flavor. It’s very reminiscent of a pipe flavor.

I guess if I had to do a one word summary of the technology here, it’s middle of the road.  And yes, I know that’s four words.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

aquacig tldr

Aquacig offers a couple of different starter kits (as well as a disposable e-cigarette). Both are reasonably priced. The single battery version comes with a pretty sweet carbon-fiber style carrying case, while the full kit comes with a bona-fide rarity: an extra charger.  The tobacco flavor is kind of forgettable, but the cherry is an excellent cherry tobacco. Performance is somewhat uninspired, but it’s not what I’d call terrible.  Visit Aquacig’s website to check out their lineup.


  • Cool case in basic kit
  • Extra charger in deluxe kit
  • Great cherry flavor
  • 510 threading
  • Blue LED
  • Decent prices


  • So-so performance
  • Forgettable tobacco flavor
  • No manual batteries

Disclosure, Aquacig sent me this kit for review.

Steve K

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